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Crump, Chernikko L.



Update Central Spit fire to inspire by: Chernikko L. Crump Drawing - (Update Central) - By: Jackie D. Walker Santa Rita Alemeda County, CA Greetings, A.P.W.A Contributors and audiences abroad. Once again it is an honor and a privilege to be able to share with you some of my thoughts as well as first hand experiences of major issues and areas of concern we face in the American criminal justice system. Breaking News: Breaking News: Empowered by: Spitfire to Inspire By: Chernikko L. Crump P.2 Update Central "Breaking News" Just in Gov. Gavin Newsom signed assembly bill 45, by assembly member Mark Stone, D-Scotts Valley. The enactment of this law is a reversal of California penal code section 4011.2 which went into effect January 1, 1995. That law gave the sheriffs and the chiefs of police permission to charge inmates a fee when they request a health care visit. For more info see Assembly bill 45 by Mark Stone, D-Scotts Valley enacted by Gov. Gavin Newsom State of California. Also see Cal Matters, San Quentin News, The Bay Area News Group - 'The East Bay Times. Bayareanewsgroup.com, Eastbaytimes.com, Calmatters.com article: A $5 co-pay for dental work meant a week's work by Juan Haines senior editor of the San Quentin News. As for me and how this enactment directly effected my situation here at the Santa Rita facility let me take my time and elaborate so i can paint a crystal clear picture with hopes of spitting some fire to inspire. Here's the story - now i'd never thought in a million and one years that i would see the day that i would need corrective lenses. [Empowered By: Spit Fire To Inspire] P.3 Update Central "Breaking News" continued... The older i get, my vision slowly began to fade away with the time. As they say time flys well my 20/20 vision flew right along with it. Mind you this was also a time in my life when I actually needed my vision now more than ever because as long as I can remember I'd been blinded intellectually. Now as you know the true seat of the heart is within the intellect. As I slowly began to emerge from this grave so to speak through the process of mental resurrection and began to rise up from the ash and fire like the phenonix and soar to new heights I suddenly realized that in order to gain something, i had to give something in return. Sight for sight. Intellectual sight for physical sight. The opening of my 3rd eye at the expense of my other two, and the way that i'd pictured the world and all of it's beauty. Hard but fair, lifes funny like that sometimes but you know what? I wouldnt trade it back for nothing in the world. So seeing this I knew I needed eye care. Now as you know and for those of you who dont know well money it does grow on tress because it is paper and paper is made from trees. Our precious trees that... [Empowered By: Spit Fire To Inspire] [P4 Update Central "Breaking News"] ...we destroy by deforestation all over the world. They also say that money is the rule of all evil. But its not, there we go again placing our blame on everything and everyone else but its rightful owner, ourselves. The rule of all evil is our greed and our lust to name a few of the 7 deadly sins. And we use money as a way to hide or conceal these ugly traits or portraits of ourselves. Me being incarcerated doesn't help much either nor does the housing/homeless crisis that the Bay Area Community is experiencing helping either. This makes it harder to even attempt to fix your mouth to ask someone for any money if you are an unselfish individual who doesnt lack wisdom, knowledge and understanding of other people and their situations as well. When i began to think like this, that's when I knew I became a man. And as I am sitting here writing this I have suddenly realized that this type of behavior just grew and developed on me. Afraid to go to see the optometrist here at the clinic at Santa Rita because of medical billing I contiuned to put off this much needed visit for as [Empowered By: Spit Fire To Inspire] [P.5 Update Central "Breaking News"] long as I could. I continued to squint, hurting my sight even more until finally I couldn't take it anymore. I said enough was enough and I made an appointment to see the optometrist here at Santa Rita. The day I went there I saw a beautiful woman very nice and warming. She took her time and catered to my needs. Might I add she did a wonderful job. If you ever see this lady be a gentleman and take her out for me please! After this I was always in the back of mind still wondering when would this money ever be taken off my books. So I dreaded the day that I would finally get some funds sent to my books. I even promptly got a bill for $22.68 during a sick-call. And you know what it came before my hardware even arrived aint that something uhmmm. Now i know $22.68 may not sound like a lot of money but when you are in jail and the entire community around you is sharing the same struggle one filled with housing/homelessness then all in all thats alot. Then finally I enjoyed a sigh of relief when I learned of this news. I was kicked back in my cell thinking like Pinky and the Brain of ways to take over the world and I stumbled across an article from a fellow inmate who just so happens to be the [Empowered By: Spit Fire To Inspire] [P.6 Update Central "Breaking News"] Senior Editor of the San Quentin Newspaper. And i learned of this vital information and I'm very grateful thanks to Gov. Gavin Newsom, Mark Stone, D-Scotts Valley for putting this play into motion. And a special thanks to everyone at the Bay Area News Group - East Bay Times, CAI Matters and last but not least The San Quentin News... Stay tune to spit fire to inspire Remember always spit fire to inspire the world for change... Coming up from spit fire to inspire more from town business 'Sho Is Funky' behind the scenes footage from inmates here at Santa Rita and more info on recent hunger strike Also coming up Rogue Cops empowered by: Spit Fire To Inspire for more on this report see "Criminal Cops in California" by: Investigative reporting program at UC Berkeley and Bay Area News Group Find out more at: Mercurynews.com and eastbaytimes.com Spit Fire To Inspire

Author: Crump, Chernikko L.

Author Location: California

Date: December 3, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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