Violation of 14th

Wilder, George Eagle Eyes, Sr.



4-13-20 George Niven Luther Wilder (OC Jail) My actual submission is indeed on your files. I am sending my essay & newspaper articles on the inmates in Orange County jails on Coronavirus-19 aka (COVID-19) (Independent Journalist: George Niven Luther Wilder) Please make copies of the actual newspaper clippings, so I can download upon my release someday This piece is called "Violation of 14th" Base solely upon our constitutional rights in a county jail, (note not a prison) our fourteenth amendment of "equal protection" only applies to law enforcement lives, not inmates lives in February, 2020 Coronavirus-19, had came into California, I was assured my safety was promissed by Sheriff: Don Barns. Well by law under-the-color-of-law, they must protect me & everyone here in the Orange County Mens & Womens Central Jail & Intake Release Center, Santa Ana and Theo Lacy facility in City of Orange. Safety is not part of the program here, its "oh-well" "deal with it" I know, I legally discharged 10-04-2013 from CDCR Cal. Prison. (But uncharged - 2 - still I'm here on a court hold no seven years later still. And now the coronavirus-19 is living in these (3) jails, thanks to the deputies that brought it here themselves from the streets. According to the newspaper only a couple were affected <not true.> How about 200 inmates, 100 deputies all taken out at night to be quarantined elsewhere. But them (300 people) affected hundreds more if not a thousand! The truth is prisons in California are in serious danger. I can prove it. As of Easter, (4-12-2020) the map don't lie. (44 dead San Diego, CO) has CDC "Dalano" Prison. I have this coronavirus tracker, showing color of danger in Keen County CDC WASCO (3) dead. (Riverside County has NORCO - CDCR, Chino, which has (41 dead) Pleasant Valley CDC is located in Fresno County San Quentin, Folsom, a State DMH Hospital, Tehachapi Prison = Fresno Ca has 5 dead. Journalist George Niven Luther Wilder 3 See what the newspaper prints is 1/2 the truth. (I am an independent journalist, where else better can a journalist seek out the real stories then behind bars as an actual witness. I see hear, & experience everything the inmates here experience. 200 inmates effected 100 deputies effected (the carriers) According to back issue on Wednesday, April, 08, 2020 Front Page "Full quarantine at Central Jail, Orange County, Santa Ana, CA. Reduced (1,428 inmates) beds, to 920 inmate beds in the mens. 386 beds in womens, reduced to 228 actual females left. Ask for 03-31-2020 paper in the local section, 150 inmates was quarantined 43 still in hospital. 4 Prisons threwout California are effected already CDCR has several deaths caused by COVID-19. Inmates are doing fine with a MSR, get COVID-19 are facing a death sentence then! Your 60 to 70 expecting to get out soon & catch a virus that kills. What goes threw your mind? Coronas without lime & salt Dammit! Coronovirus 19 effects anyone with high doses of MSG a product of China??

Author: Wilder, George Eagle Eyes, Sr.

Author Location: California

Date: April 13, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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