Vision of a better way to operate




Vision of a Better Way to Operate C/O Soso sure has a way of making you feel like the inmate Administrative Remedy form is not worth the paper its printed on. C/O Soso said to me, "did I wanna use his pen to write a grievance", which the grievance is all about C/O Soso's abusive language he spues at inmates, he curses and provoke the inmate on a daily bases and he does it in front of captains and other staff members, its difficult to work for him. C/O Soso's conduct is way out of line, his conduct is unbecoming of a correctional officer behind the color. Abusive language hurled at me forces a sense of defeat to pervade over me, I feel cornered and that feeling deeply infects my psychology, and others. C/O Soso is the example of not the overall correctional officer who show up to work in the North Carolina prison system to belittle, exploit and verbally provoke the inmate who still today has no effective representation. Years of this type of C/O's unchecked, unreprimanded character has permeated the prison system and because so the incarcerated has turned heavily to accessing the inmate's grievance procedure, better known as the DC-410, this document has become an ineffective, frivolous document that's laughed at on all levels right to the final stage at the grievance resolution board which needs a serious audit. This document, if taken seriously when correctional bad behavior is reported would bring glory and praise for the department and slow bad correctional conduct to laudable levels, and would send a stern message to staff that the inmate word has power. The now defunct embattled document is a meaningless document that's flouted, and laughed at by correctional officers across the state. Actually, the DC-410 hasn't lost its force, the people who view the remedy procedure which is thought of by the entire North Carolina prison system as an instrument of threat, and a collective and silent assault is being waged against it's purpose, it's purpose is to check institutional authorities overreach and abuse of the inmate in correctional custody, to prevent those authorities who has disdain for the incarcerated. The document was created in 1972 to balance and challenge the system's injustices heaped unfairly upon the helplessly incarcerated, who'er housed under lawful order of the courts, but instead there exist a culture of abuse by the fraternity of correctional officers and senior leadership heads who cared less about those who have tossed their liberty into the winds thoughtlessly. The courts did remind the states prison system that the states prisoners was afforded some measure of liberty under the Constitutions, which provided humane treatment and dignity. In 1972 the federal courts forwarded a victory for the incarcerated. The DC-410 was created as a means to let the incarcerated cry out about many offense recieved by bad correctional officer behavior. In the year 2000 the document was changed to a simple two piece form, making the inmate copy after the filing of the form, a pink colored form for return to the inmate which is funny, but being percieved as a mockery and as a clear way of marking the inmate who filed the form, think very feminine, absolutely a subtle way of marking for ridicule anyone who exercise it's purpose, or who sounds the alarm to contrary correctional and institutional violations. Now John, Paul and Luke were such inmates, and many more, who are experiencing bad correctional treatment by the C/O Soso's of the prison systems. The three inmates because of the constant barrage of correctional officer negative and dehumanizing treatment, the three has boarded a campaign for attention, to draw attention to institutional bad behavior. The three had no alternative but to pick up the pen and write to any who would listen. John, Paul, Luke desire is to not only see correctional officer's behavior punished but to also bring about operational and program change in hopes that correctional leaders would build on a better way to operate. Paul was scratching his head as he listened attentively to John his longtime friend. Paul could remember a span of time when you didn't have to utilize the inmate grievance procedure so frequent, but times had changed, the inmate grievance procedure is being utilized every ten second. And the inmate is having to make an additional complaint due to the fact that the fifthteen day timeline is blatantly being violated with impugnity. The incarcerated today are feet stompingly, hollering and shouting for correctional officials and members of the public to become concerned, because a tidal wave of unprecedented, preventable problems are approaching for correctional policy leaders. 99% of the inmate population has no confidence that the DC-410 works, it's gainsayed from step 1-3 we all know at no level of the complaint, the complaint of the incarcerated range from inadequate medical treatment, correctional officer misconduct etc., institutional leadership can never agree with the inmate that wrong has occurred, but never can a pig agree with you that the stain of mud is associated with it's lifestyle, it's like a drunk always saying, ....there's no drinking problem with me. Could this be an element of why the amount of aggression and violence, and disregard for correctional authority has hit a low point. Assaults, aggression, disrespect on both sides has rose astronomically over the last 15 years. Now, Paul, John and Luke were experiencing up close the downright indifference the majority of inmates displayed toward correctional staff. The three inmates had experienced a time period in which the inmate and correctional staff subjected theirselves to dictates of policy requirements. Correctional staff once was taught that the pie was sliced both ways and management understood that it took inmate and officer to adhere to policy's dictates to make management and operation succeed, if either deviated there was an impartial penalty to be paid for inmate and correctional personnel. Correctional leadership has very boldly and to a great degree has thought to render policy directives as not useful, and so has allowed correctional and institutional leaders to create policy as the sun go up and down. Paul could remember the simple social exchanges that correctional staff and inmate would express to one another, do you remember the smiles that inmate and staff would give, it didn't cost one cent. Today I'm scratching my head. Luke, I'm not the smartest one in the inmate population but, the print plant makes more grievance forms than any other printed form. Some institutionals runs out of the things. That's not so for any other form. I'm not the smartest in the inmate population, but to be handed a pink copy at mail call is to make all those in the pod to look at you suspiciously. I'm not the smartest one in the inmate population, but correctional leadership has created this recently invented way to expose and divide the inmates against one another. I'm not the smartest inmate in the inmate population, but the floor staff is close enough to inmate housing to hear inmate law, which often times when violated can bring on a dangerous confrontation. I'm not the smartest in the inmate population, but some correctional officers insert themselves and are enamored by inmate culture. They also learn inmate code and law. Those correctional officer's who'er maverickly and secretively caught up in bartering with inmates do promote inmate law codes to other staff which when maliciously and cunningly used do coerce, and for vindictive reasons can incite a blood bath for inmate or an officer. Correctional staff is openly showing their appetite for a connection and a right to play a dangerous part in the inmates prison culture on any level. John had spent the better half of his life incarcerated, he was of the old school class. John was tough around the edges, white guy, who stood at 6'0", built like a stack of cinder blocks. He exuded strength and confidence. He was built mentally tougher than the other two. He could invent thought and word and have the drive to produce a product, unlike Paul and Luke. The three recognized and respected each other strength John had given his life over to Christ in his late 30's and had become a new man, he devoted his self to what was right as much as the new culture pushed its negative ways, the more John pushed back and spoke boldly about the corrupt and troubling ways of the new prison culture. John, could dig up the old man if push came to shove but love overwhelmed his spirit. He was quick to stand on the force of love than to stand on physical force. Physical force was the way of many. A physical reputation was equivalent to currency. It bought you far more behind the pristine, sharp razor wire prison fences than the reputation of love. John had been incarcerated longest of the three, and Paul and Luke allowed John to be the thought provoker. The three sat in the prison chapel library reading and periodically would ruminate on time passed and converse on present issues the system faced. John, wasn't to be removed from how C/O Soso had cursed him and threatened to send him to the lock-up unit for no reason, for no reason had he given C/O Soso to curse at him. C/O Soso vocabulary was a well organized composite of dramatic insults, that was intended to demean. In fact to inflame the inmate undeservedly had become common practice. Disrespect had become the new way of interacting with the inmate. The old prison policy hadn't authorized the staff to disrespect the inmate in it's custody. Something had to be done, the correct function of the departments conduct policy was gone to unrighteous, unholy hell. Corrections was unfairly one side, the pie was sliced only one way. The inmate administrative remedy, known as the DC-410 was a document to be laughed at, but I filed the DC-410 anyways in hopes that C/O Soso would correct his error. Paul was listening, his eyes darting back and forth, listening to every word of their conversation and reading the Raleigh Observer newspaper. What ever happen to correctional authority once understanding that to recieve the coveted officer of the year award, that individual's correctional record had to be commendable and deserving of honorable recognition. Luke, who wasn't the smartest in the inmate population didn't comment and John didn't either. Paul quickly changed the subject. I've been listening to the young new generation speak ignorantly about the administrative remedy as if it's a filthy thing to touch. It's being curried about today as a snitch form, sound like a newly invented inmate law code, when I heard the inmate is redressing up the DC-410 that is a cause for concern. State policy makers beware of what happening to the DC-410 inside the institution, policymakers would be wise to give some strengthening to the DC-410 to show correctional officer's that if an issue of misconduct and mistreatment is alleged more than once, some form of disciplining must occur, the house must hold the house accountable. The inmate is held accountable on the 138-B, non-negotiable and the inmate is of the same house. Luke turned from the scientific periodical. I've heard the same ridiculous utterances, but I refuse to let the new gen x's and the C/O's dispersuade me from using the inmate administrative remedy for the right purposes, we no it's laughed at and flouted, but that pink copy can become evidence to a legal challenge, Paul and John nodded their heads. I'm not the smartest in the inmate population, but I can discern that a don't give-a-damn sermon is being preached against righteousness of the DC-410 procedure high far up the ladder it's been indicted, your guess is as good as mines. I've heard many correctional staff utter annoying sarcasm when the give me a grievance is evoked, "would you like to use my ink pen, or write till your pen burst." I'm not the smartest inmate in the inmate population but for this uneducated prisoner class to hear such self-deprecated tauntings, psychologically over a period of time will produce a prisoner class who will willingly relinquish the use of the DC-410. What would embolden and excite hubris in the correctional fraternity to incite the inmate to grieve on a DC-410 staff bad behavior for all to read, just what part of the equation is absent here, something smells really foul. Is it fair to reason that superior and correctional instructor's are planting in the minds of new correctional recruits are being told to not be concerned with what inmates write on a grievance form, it's irrelevant and insip at best. Paul, had given Luke his undivided attention as he expressed his thoughts, Luke for you to consider yourself not to be the smartest in the inmate population, you flash lighted on the issue very well. I agree with every holy word you spoke - Amen brother. Somebody should being informing the correctional officer while recieving certification training classes on the significance of the document that could possibly impact the conduct of the new hires towards inmates, it's rather obvious the document isn't being anointed. The document's funeral song is being sung quite loudly. This new prisoner class is much vocal and physically aggressive as we ever was, we were raised up to petition the courts. Our generation grew up learning how to write and articulate thought to paper. I learned early, and from under the tutelage of the aged writ writer's to identity the problem and let the pen lead the attack. Luke was the youngest of the three, short, scrawny guy, who stood about 5'7". Luke had been incarcerated for a long time. Brown skinned fellow, bald, clean faced who admired the men and women of the United States military. Luke came from a warring class background. Luke's father and mother was raised in a military family and instill everything military into Luke, he looked and smell and tasted military in everything. He knew much nothing else but all he saw and experienced on the military base in Fayettville, NC. One night as a teenager, he and a group of other teens went off base, drinking heavily because alcohol was a part of his existence as the bubble bee's DNA was to pollen. A nite of heavy drinking lead to a knife fight, which left his victim injured and later his victim died of his injuries. When Luke entered the prison system, the three met in a bible study in the prison chapel. The three later understood they had something in common, that they loved the Lord and was vocal and fearless in their affirmation to stand for what is right. Luke's favorite line is, "I'm not the smartest, but.... The End Flashlight

Author: Flashlight

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: August 1, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 20 pages

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