Want let us go




Want let us go I am serving 3 years for a DUI and possession of stolen property. This is my first time in prison my first time in trouble. I thank God I did not hurt no one while I was driving. I came to do my time and go home but thay do not let you go on your prorole date and thay do not help people here in this state. The governor of Boise Idaho do not follow the government rules and he want us to follow his rules. We have family waiting on us but he dont care about us or getting us help he say just flop them for 2 years This is the only state in the U.S. that do this The judge say do 3 years and go home but I got here and found out that thay do not listen to the judge and let people go home to there families. Governor of Idaho say keep them lock up for the money I am doing everything they tell me to do I just want to go home to my wife and kids. in other prison's you do a program and get out earlier but here that put you in the program one month before you are to go home so that they can get more money and you stay here for another 9 month's. The judge say 3 years and go home I just want to do my time and go home to my family I truly learned my lesson. I wish someone will fix this justice system. Justice means 1 The quality of being just or fair! 2 The carrying out of the law or the way in which the law is carried out: The courts ensure that justice is achieved. 3 A judge, such as one who is a member of the United States court's. I just want to go home Please let us go. This experience has open eyes and help me to become a better person chairish my family a lot more and to think befor reacting. and thinking mene. to 1 To use one's mind to form ideas and make decisions: you must think for yourself. 2. To have as a thought: imagine. 3. To examine carefully in the mind; consider let's think the problem out. So please let us go The End

Author: ELW33

Author Location: Idaho

Date: December 14, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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