Washington state bar association glaring deficiencies

Rupert, Bob G.



Washington State Bar Association Glaring Deficiencies Every person accused of a crime has a constitutional right to effective assistance of counsel under the 6th Amendment.... unfortunately... several issues developed early on during the course of representation. Very startling problems. When I requested a copy of the case file (discovery) I was instructed under Washington State law that was impossible. During the course of this case multiple occurrences of violations of attorney-client privilege confidential consideration(s). I immediately wrote the manager\supervisor of the Public Defender office with multiple representation issues.. Of course he chose to prevaricate threw out... all communications. With every communication.. his nose got longer and longer even to the point of "fabricating" photographic evidence of the tag in the case file.. his communications were "factually" incorrect with public record. So... I submitted a complaint to the state bar... No investigation was ever conducted... it was dismissed before my communication were completed! I couldn't even persuade the Washington State bar to fact check the communication with public court record - a very minuscule task. It become very apparent the Washington State Bar Assoc has serious integrity deficiency. The Washington State Bar Assoc is charged with maintaining legal representation above\at constitutional levels. When they fail to do so.. it creates a "huge" issue.. The very attorneys that are entrusted to protect the rights of the citizens... fail to do so at a constitutional level. The "level" of representations from the Pub. Defender office being infected with deficiencies allows... the citizen to be abused by the law enforcement community. The law enforcement community is simply allowed to operate and become a law unto themselves... It's a massive problem. *Sincerely* Mr Robert (Bob) G. Rupert

Author: Rupert, Bob G.

Author Location: Washington

Date: August 21, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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