Wasted talent, wasted lives

Brownell, Charles A.



Wasted Talent, Wasted Lives P1 FD How do you protect and defend yourself from a system and people that fully and unquestionably believes everything one side said and are convinced to think you are guilty? Hell, most of the time you're already convicted before Court even starts because the People and System is biased. It's always biased! The movie Gothika with actress Halley Berry depicted this best with the woman in the mental institution who asks, "How do convince people you're telling the truth when everyone thinks you're crazy?" Ms. Berry's character, a psychiatrist/psychologist ends up finding herself a patient or prisoner herself to experience the nightmares the patients do. The legal system is exactly like this depiction from "Gothika" and Arkansas is high up the list of the worst. Don't be confused though as this issue plagues the entire legal system on all levels. "How do you convince people you're telling the truth when everyone fully believes the individual and legal personnel who created the "claim" against you, the Government believes and sides with them and is persecuting and prosecuting you... and Everyone thinks you're guilty?" If you are stupid enough to believe a Person would never make a false claim, that a person wont omit information to make false facts support their favor, and/or that the Government isn't predatory or vendictive then you are insane! This is like the process for assessing the "Potential Threat" of a Sex offender... and by the way, no one else is assessed or tested this way! These people of the Government and System violate your 4th, 5th, and 8th Amendment Rights of the United States and State Constitutions by asking a ton of irrational and sexual questions so they may judge you a bad person for feeling and doing the very same things they and everyone else do. It's only against you P2 because the System says it can be even id this is illegally done against you by the system. The psych moron asks you illegal questions about your criminal case and trial effectively illegally putting you back on trial to relive it all again. They use this to illegally hit you with more charges from your case if possible for them to. These people already have their own opinions and if you say anything different from what was reported in your case by the complaining party and prosecution, even if you are telling the absolute truth as they demanded, they claim you a liar. They artificially use this as a denial to accept responsibility or to confess for the crime and they make you appear as a threat or predator and increase your threat level. You're damned if you do and screwed if you don't because refusal scores you maximum threat level as a dangerous sexual predator. Just like your Court proceedings, again you're in a severely biased setting. You are best to say, "I'll tell you the greatest lie because you wont believe me if I tell you the absolute truth. Yes! Everything they claim is the absolute truth because People never lie in claims and the Government never lies and is never vendictive either!" How do you prove you're not a predator when everyone already thinks you are and labels you as such? This problem is a plague for those illegally, incorrectly, or maliciously detained and imprisoned. They're forced to fight for their lives when everyone is convinced the Person is a worthless P.O.S. "criminal." Criminal, a label like "Monster" that psychologically causes people to think of you and see you as just the scum of Earth. In truth so many are imprisoned that shouldn't be or do not need to Wasted Talent, Wasted Lives P3 FD be. The system, the Government feeds off the negative view that they have created about Prisoners/Criminals to rally public support for the incarceration and enslavement of the People. This is all done with lies, false information and false reports. News Media agendas, and authoritative influences. The majority of people in prison... Wait! Stop! Repeat that! "The Majority of people in Prison..." Do not forget that the Incarcerated are everyday normal ass people just like you that make mistakes. When you call or "label" people "offenders," "prisoners," "criminals," or anything other than a Person or "people", you're degrading them to something less than people. This is do so you can sickly in your minds "justify" horrible tortures and abusive atrocities committed against that person. The System and Officials including many other People often become the true monsters and bad guys. The majority of people in Prison are so amazingly talented. There's so much wasted talent squandered away in the U.S. Prison Systems. You would not believe the raw talent and capability Locked Away in here that could, if the States and U.S. Government weren't so foolish and childish could be so much more and do so much more. Incarcerated People could help Businesses, Organizations, Communities, and Society all while giving the Incarcerated Person a life, goals, reason, a chance, and most important making them constructive and contributive members of both themselves and society rather than being a "drain" on society. That "drain" is as much if not more so the Government's fault than the Incarcerated Person's. The Government wants Society to supply their money and funds and doesn't want to admit P4 that Prisoners are nor do they want to allow Prisoners to be people. The Government wants Prisoners to be Criminals, to be Animals thus they torture them to it so they keep their slaves. The Government doesn't want Prisoners to be Productive or Contributive to society and doesn't want Prisoners to better themselves because The Prison System of the Government is not about helping, rehabilitating, or returning people to society especially here in Arkansas and many other States. They don't want Prisoners to prove they are contributive, productive, and successful people. No! The Prison and State Employees all forget they are Public Servants of the People including the Incarcerated People there to implement and ensure rehabilitation and reform for the Incarcerated and to protect the Incarcerated People and their Personal Property. They think they are punishers and are there to dish out and distribute punishment and retaliation... This is done through all forms of torture and abuse even up to murder of the Incarcerated People. There are amazing artists, tattooists, engineers, machinists, tinkerers, tailors, cooks, chemists, writers, hackers, I.T. Specialists, programmers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, surgeons, judges, accountants, electricians, architects, construction engineers, you name it. There are many great at so many things who are just wasting away in Prison and if the States and U.S. Governments weren't so greedy these Incarcerated People could all work in very real jobs contributing to the World and Society as well as themselves. The Incarcerated People could work on their own betterment especially those for release and with life sentences. There are lots of jobs that today can be done remotely behind bars. Why does the Government stop this? Why do they stop something Wasted Talent, Wasted Lives P5 FD actually helpful and beneficial to so many? The Government wants that special funding and total control of the Prisoners to be slave drivers, slave owners and not allow the betterment by the punishment of people so they can get their "blood money" that costs people their lives. Please explain why Living, Breathing, Real everyday People are refused and not allowed to contribute to society. Not allowed to contribute to their own betterment, not allowed to work to actually support themselves and/or families and prove they can do this! What is the Government so scared of? Are they affraid that Prisoners may prove that they are real grown ass people actually capable of living in a process of "lifeing" and "adulting" and that they are not the "criminal", "monster", or "uncapable" as the Government falsely makes them out to be? Why not allow the Incarcerated all equal opportunity to work, no matter what their charges are that put them in Prison? Why not allow the Incarcerated to drive their own betterment of themselves, their lives, and to work with mentors and life coaches to be a free, law abiding citizen? Why does the Government want so badly to create, lockdown, and maintain criminals out of normal everyday people by means of torture, terror, and abuse when these Prisoners are amazing and do good if given a chance with a life coach, mentors, an accountability team, and a successful job possibly career? Even those with life, never to be released sentences are capable, amazing people. Why waste talent to support your propaganda and Quit wasting lives out of Greed for money!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: May 13, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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