Ways of coping




"Ways of Coping" By: Lloyd Coping means to direct your thoughts and your emotions in a manner that fulfills one's obligations to treat, care for and guard one's welfare from the intruding harm of overwhelming events. I've provided a definition for the word 'Coping" in relation to how I view the means of it's significance. In my 9 years of present confinement, I have come to learn, develop, and sustain a method for coping in what could easily become a destructive effect. My approach to coping is grounded on my foundational belief to "control only what is in your control", meaning, focus on what you can resolve. I encourage people to seek assistance in what a person cannot accomplish on their own, for coping is a collective process that only perseveres and thrives through, with the company one keeps, as it is an essential key to one's welfare. In times of hardship, trials, and tribulation, people often times then not become paralyzed due to the harboring shockwave of their thoughts and emotions of the initial reaction to the issue at hand, which conforms them to becoming prisoners of the moment. The First Step to liberating ourselves from this undesired bondage, is by learning to accept the reality of the situation for what it is, regardless of our personal thoughts and feelings about it. The first step enables a person to create the clarity needed to be able to sufficiently discern the best and proper approach in resolving The matter that is beneficial to one's best interest. The Second Step would be to identify, understand, and support whatever feelings that you may be experiencing at the moment and may arise from the situation, and how it can motivate you to act upon it with producing the best possible result that's available to you within that specific situation, as to not, each and every occurrence has it's own distinction. This step honors and validates a persons emotional state, giving them the attention and attentive care that empowers their confidence and importance for their ability to be resilient in the situation. The Third Step would be to focus solely on your thoughts alone and how and why you are thinking about the situation in that form? And are those thoughts bias? Are those thoughts from an optimistic or a pessimistic point of view? And how does those thoughts fair with your overall welfare? This form of thought process enables a person to conduct a self survey of inventory to what is conducive to a healthy outcome. The Last Step, which is the most difficult of the steps, is the collaborate all of the steps together and to act upon the situation, as those steps collectively will enable you to approach any situation presented your way with a composed mind and wisely patient, ultimatedly providing you with the coping skills to achieve a properous end.

Author: Lloyd

Author Location: California

Date: February 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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