We are all / we all are? (incomplete flowers/maps)

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



"We are all/ we all are?" (incomplete flowers/maps....) ARA © 10/1/19 ADX plantation "How can all… be, a map;" a human face, a durance of Earth...? In this universe... that becomes; a stagnate-place?" [redacted] © "To write is/Two is right? Reading, what's writ, always frees; the durance! 'Earth,’ a prison one cannot escape! Where all seek/where seek all; answers most do find: they're - There, already (the predetermined, ('all spoke to G-d’/’all G-d Spoke to'); become, 'regurgitated' at choice (to prefer, 'all’ selected'/'selected all') This road, 'to Life; and, stave-off (the blind-eye, 'all live as'/'as all live') 'the deaf', the indifferent, the dead as alive/the alive as dead! 'We all chose this life/we, life, chose all this'? Where proof is, compare, the suicide (of new- Nostradamus villain); newly-writ, circa A.D. 2016-2020? Or, psychic, who read (of our past); to write/write to? I get to experience, the stories writ; in prison! ‘Hacks’, separate, themselves from 'durance'; to KEEP FROM SEEING PRISON! ‘Really racist/devilish; devilish/racist really do vice versa! Just as the first did (satan), not-being 'up to snuff’; chose the pretense (of being-better-than)! ‘In its case,’ the 'Adam' (atom-atoms, think, indivisible) - began sentence, BUT, WE ALL JOINED THE CONSPIRACY/but the conspiracy...! It is the prison (of satan), all wish to escape! They can't, however, yet; each age Tries! The first scientist, satan, keeps all; Trying! And, like, 'Trump' (base), divert attention; from the Truth! Did they trick y'all? Now, 'the truth' is, 'The Rey'; Universal! Anywhere -- on Earth -- in the Heavens; a fact remains, or it's not true! We all support, that, right? Well, then, the Universe is the Truth; and 'the truth' sets you free! (Smile) So, gravity is... air (clean/toxic) is (the truth)... Thus, to all naysayers, EVERYTHING evolved; from truth! And, the one dissenting 'tries to escape it'! Of course, that's the futility of a wanted Life! Some consider slavery/durance as; as durance/slavery consider some! But, 'a wasted life' is the suicide; of one who has ability, to live! As pain is relative/relative is as pain… Did a baby feel (pain) coming through'? Or, doctor (satan) causation?? What's apparent ('you can't con-a-con') is EVERYONE wants to impress! POLYHISTOR- the most (pseudo-gods)! So, they: doubt/question; question/doubt they, so? 'A fool and his money are soon parted?’; 'a sucker's born every second'; 'when following, the leader, you are leader when breaking away'... ‘There is no life except what's, already, chose’! Just because some are asleep, means: ‘you/y'all must stay awake’! I am not a willing prisoner! No, not speaking of late… No destiny -- except death -- is, predestined! 'If a fool plays, with death, when it's time’! ONLY WHEN! You, who know you are durance, must seek freedom: the teacher will appear when the student, 'is ready'! ARA © Know the truth and the truth shall set you free'! (John 8:31-33) 'Prove all things…’ (1 Thess - 5:21) 'Truth has now arrived... falsehood perished:... falsehood is... bound to perish'. (Qur'an 17:81) The prison (FCC Complex, Florence ADX Max supermax) I'm in, is TANGIBLE; yours, is not! Look this word up: 'Eblis'? Not: 'Iblis', for they're contrarys! Former (writ as) a myth! Latter (writ as) Truth! Here's a Trick! 'Rich cannot stay, rich, unless 'poor' choose; To stay, 'poor'! Look this word up: 'infantilism'? What games played ye, today'/'today, ye played what games'? 'We are all/all we are', (‘incomplete...') until we awake (to the truth): 'the few devil the MANY; ‘who is in prison'? ARA © 10/1/19 ADX Max plantation (CO) 81226-8500 (3 of 5)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: October 1, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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