We are the cure

Frison, George W., Jr.



We are the cure The world's most precious valuables and gems, are stored in safes and vaults. Even God has such places to correct His childrens faults and save them from themselves. Once we regain our poise, being isolated from the bright city lights & noise, we evolve into a greater understanding of self and manhood. Through this "New Awakening", we come to the realization that we must accept responsibility for being perpetrators of the senseless violence that continues to plague our communities. Considering my self-destructive lifestyle, I know that I've been spared for a greater purpose. I believe that purpose is to share my life's experiences with the youth, and help save lives. Our children are slaughtering one another at an alarming rate. All of the "good talkers" & scholars, politicians and "stars" with major dollars, can't seem to find a solution to the madness. One of, if not the most simple and logical solution is right before our eyes. The question is, would society rather see babies and innocent, hardworking, lay abiding citizens continue to die, and sit idly by and do nothing, or choose what some would consider to be the lesser of two evils? We, and only we, societies outcast & forgotten, hold the best cure for a growing problem. Here in Illinois alone, there are thousands of prisoners who've served lengthy outrageous sentences. Having taken advantage of the various programs that prisons have to offer, many of these men have made considerable lifestyle changes, and their messages could prove to be both powerful and effective in Changing not only the face of Chicago, but every other city that suffers this same problem. It serve no purpose to have programs in prison that educate and rehabilitate men, only to have them hidden behind prison walls for 10-20 years or more! If prisoners never have the opportunity to take the positive lessons they've learned back into society, then we can all expect for our lot in life to get worse before it gets any better. Why? you ask. the equilibrium of the natural order of life in the inner cities is out of alignment with the universal laws of nature. There are not enough men leaving prisons who've served long sentences, that are carrying positive messages to the youth. There are far too many either promoting or perpetuating the violence, and not enough in the midst of the madness who've seen the world from this perspective... for decades! Things have gotten so far out of hand, that we're now seeing, in unprecedented numbers, a culture of gangs, drugs and violent behavior, in areas once regarded as ideal locations to raise children. It is imperative that those with influence, power and compassion, abandon the mentality of "lock 'em up and throw away the key." Sure there are a few men who've committed crimes so horrific that the most religious person would have difficulty forgiving, but the no=umber of those salvageable are greater. Our citizens, and those who hold the most power in deciding how much of a mans life should be taken from him, need to meet on common ground and start a program that releases men who've served 10-20 years or more, and make it mandatory that as a condition of the release, the have to work ina community outreach program that caters to troubled teens, gangs and addicts. Many of us want to help right the wrongs we've helped to create. We know their language, and many of us have lived the lifestyles they're living and been where they're going. They'll listen to us and tell us things they'll tell no one else! It's obvious that they are not listening or talking to the Parents, Pastors, Politicians or Policemen. However, we nor anyone else, can expect for our voices to he heard, muffled by prison walls! How many more innocents must be maimed or murdered before we take action? If you are of the mindset that an endeavor of this magnitude is ludicrous, then take it in stride when the blood of your child or loved one soaks the pavement. Sounds harsh doesn't it? Let me tell you about harsh; I was sentences to 42 years in prison for 1st degree murder, under a theory of accountability, for the death of a drug dealer. One who deals in poison and destroys the community. Though all evidence and testimony proved that the crime was committed by someone else, I was still held accountable for another's actions! So shouldn't that also apply to the Parents, Pastors, Politicians and Policemen who sit idly by and do nothing while lives are constantly being lost? George Frison

Author: Frison, George W., Jr.

Author Location: Illinois

Date: March 20, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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