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Whitecell, Davy



Davy Whitecell on file Star Date early 5 10 20 Well it's early enough to just stay up and see what today brings no sence in going to bed, I'd just stare at the walls you see that's what the state wishes to do no matter what keeps you on the clock it dont matter what your going thru your living in a Authoritarian community so you are being watched every move you make is scrutinized and anything the staff does not like well they have a way to fix that. The end result lab rat you end up here in the State Hospital so here we go once again. Anyways in my last letter for my essea collection you all asked me to elaberate more on how I sell my art work and keep the money I guess you would like to know well let me tell you this it's a Generational type thing it just gets better & better with each one faster and faster, at 300- a hour on the streets as a minimum for my Flowers as simple as a Rose I can do what you see here in the collom in a few minutes I switch back and forth between my drawings and my letter writing campaign to let people know about my case. And how I was testified against, you all see what well happen when someone is ill informed when it comes to working with and around mentally ill people. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess God 2) Blessed me with a talent Im able to use any where I may go it is vocational art that is its something that anyone can do. Most buy some one else's work and don't have a creative bone in there body they just love to look it's like everyone can do what I do it just takes a lifetime to get to this level like any trade you master only after 25 years or so you have to stay with it to get ahead most people give up thinking they can only draw stick figures but hey everyone knows this one right so who cares you are your own worse credick its like it only takes one good art piece and Bam your the next one hit wonder look at that guy who drew Obama. Shit he made enough to even get hisself out of all his legal work I even tried that my self I had a idea with the photo of Kamala harris as a school girl but being on her committee against cartoon violence it didn't work out I could of donated the funds to the Harris Foundation even? Hello D.E.A. F.B.I. Homeland security ect. But she went broke anyways you see John McCain was right when he said we have to bring the tribe's together 2 Corithians 5:7,8. Something about walking with faith not by what we see I guess when you see at the pole's the only vote Bloomberg got was from the Samoan's It's a inside job, you even see a 450 lb. Samoan's it's a inside job, you ever see a 450 lb. Somoan I have some bitches hit hard too! Bloomberg took away soda pop's over 12 oz. remember? New York City a Somoan can drink that in one sip. You gotta laugh. The only votes he got were from the island HA! Bra! 3) I finished the rose and added color. The colors come from my cool-aid pak. From my package I can use also the ones we get in our lunch but some are colorless the State dont want anyone to have any type of hustle drug dealing is O.K. cause it keeps the can kicking down the road I just don't use any by my own choice these days like my pops died of kidney failure I dont want to go out like that if I have to die in prison so be it for a crime that never happened God knows thats good enough for me Im eating and have a roof over my head clean cloths so go's the life as you see if I can draw some thing like the rose Im no braggard but my shit sells so Im going to live as long as I can keep my hand in shape it's not just a tool you jack off with it pays my way in life you can understand art is my life so I maintain my health my hand works well and my script writing is still sharp so Im good. I don't have to compeat with other artists cause I just stick to the cards & a buck or two for one anyone can afford. I'll trade for? 5-10-20 late morning I took a brake from writing and a nap wake thinking about the past a few year's back 1999 it was the steel and skin con @ San Diego at the convention center we were there to tattoo me and the rest of the Motly Crew from the Vago's I was going to get a shot at working with Gill the Drill Monte' she had become a Vago in the world and as a World Famous Tattoo artist it was my chance to get 4 back some street cred I'd been missing out on since I took Mark's shop in the early 90's boy how funny thing's work out me well the only thing I got that weekend was a visit about a month later from the Sheriff Dept. Seem's a young lady I meet at the tattoo convention worked @ the Dept in Dago she ran a check on me after I had giving her my number, or Bussiness card and everything checked out she called me up and drove up to Big Bear lake where I was living at the time in a Million Dollar Home not to brag but to remember if I'm right she said I had a outstanding warrant for evading and possession of a oz. of weed and I needed to take care of that ticket. So as a good young outlaw tattoo artist I showed her around and we injoyed the weekend together need I get into the graphix of one of the story I am a whore myself so I won't go into detail cause this isn't a story about my antics in bed but about prison and its many faults. So you can see I am a member of a very elite group of artist, my fame we'll, gollie Sarge like I said this memoir is about posse's not pussy but it was nice to wake from a nap thinking about a woman for a change these guys all talk about pulling a staff or State Employee will. I've pulled a Deputy Sheriff on the street and she gave me a background check to bott kinda reminds me 5 of the song "I Shot the Sheriff." But different you know I sometimes lose on purpose so I'm able to retain bragging rights its hard to be thoughtful @ times but when your integrity is in tact and your not lying then what gives lets say I was wanting to speak to some one of a foreign language yet I cant understand spoken words so what is the next best thing? Pictanary? Right a Doddel? Like a quick drawing?! Shit I'd say fuck you like this here drawing you see but with so many people druged out and drunk in the spirit of life they are the zombies the walking dead can't function with out a brain to eat; you al'remember the Walking Dead? We'll like that, my spirit is a done with Harley Davidson wing's now screaming Eagles you see, sea, you cant get in were closed! No credit no fronts need help go to the good Book and study your perpose in life 31 proverbs to start one for each day of the week you all might find what you have been looking for after trying everything the world has to offer for today I'll give you a little example since Im gonna rap this letter up soon cause I have offers from other venues to get back to and my equiptment is slim so I work with what I've got I cant even practice my art of the scavenger being in this hospital setting so I'll quote one scripture so I don't go to long on God since if you've read any of my passed entry's you'll see God must come first period so Solomon's proverb of this 10th day 6 of the month states c10.v4,5 Lazy hands will make you poor: hard working hands will make you rich, v5, A son who works hard while it is harvest time will be successful, but one who sleeps through the harvest will be saw as worthless you see all those doctors there not here today, it's a RDO for them on Sunday. Well thats the way it goes, I often tell the guys who want to know something you see intellectual spell 1 I, property has the shelf life of a banana Amigos"! Notice the sticky it's from my banana today, I'm gonna save the banana to do Mr. Bill Gate's CEO Microsoft statement "Intel on word has the shelf life of a banana." So I've got a whole green banana. I'll bet anyone it will turn yellow before lets say a month? I'd be willing to bet 1.00 any joker's write I'll take a couple of stamps if I win save the state my postage don't I know the psyic Doctor's wanted to know how I made my money? Well it sure as hell wasnt hanging around broke dick mother fuckers shit you ever hang out with rich people there the worst cheap most of them anyways "got to stay messe' forte for now need to go fuck shit up" good luck hope not to many people are dead by the time of this post from covid 19 hell the internet still work's hope the mail is still running I haven't recieved any in a week a c/o in M.C.S.P. told me I should get my own zip code funny not! I do. its: "Fools Gold" Union The Great Seal of the State of California The Beloved One Piecemakers Task Force Peacemakers MC AFFI Loco 81

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: May 10, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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