Well, it’s the new year

Whitecell, Davy



1 Jan 1st 2020 Well Its the New Year and Already I was flashing back to the horror's of being in ad/seg the first day I went in landcaster L.A.C. Los Angeles State prison today at Mule Creek the prison staff in ad/seg came right now and gave out a second blanket In Lancaster on 9-12-18 I was put in Unit [redacted] ad/seg while they lost/stole my T.V. and threw me on the floor with only a single sheet I sleep on the floor of the concrete it was no different then the concrete bunk in [redacted] ad/seg building [redacted]yard L.A.C Lancaster, California no mattress so I had my boxers a paper cup a small toothbrush a roll of toilet paper a pen filler and because it was around dinner time and they already feed the unit I didn't eat, just another way to punish you even if your not guilty you have to prove your innocent in prison cause you can be accused of anything and be locked up for it well I'm looking toward the future today God willing things are looking up seem's I got into a fight, it started out that way any how's 3 on 1 and Black on White they the staff don't want any problems to manifest but you have to remember like john Rambo once said, They Drew First Blood! So as the New (2) Year rings in so does Senate Bill 136 so much for Homeland Security and the select committee on intelligence and the judiciary and the California budget so P.O.T.U.S. said once that all the Senate does is sit around and draw little pictures well hell I resemble that remark seems I've been doing my little pop up store of drawing's everywhere I go, and if I didn't know any better like a paragraph in a book printed only for one message so a napkin draws on in a bar a 1,000 miles away for a officer to return back to base with after his vacation just a smart ass with a pen filler and a piece of paper and only one operation in mind! Destroy that mother fucker! The paper I mean Id put my 2 cents in along with a 7 cent pen filler and get to work like old Ab Lincoln during the Civil War, locked in a small room leaving for nothing a command center keying in only on the sounds around me and only the offers of outside help. The exit a new location back down South lay low here in the creek until my bus ticket is punched. Nabor just asked if I wanted the Daily Bread he received in the mail last night, yea I'll take it 3 I'd read that in the morning along with my Proverb's since abiding in faith hope and joy these things come from the spirit and if the murder's and robber's and burgler's always are consumed with the ways and means to hurt and wound & kill at least Im prepared to defend my self and country against any attack I know when Im not wanted or welcome any more my stay in prison now just hanging in the balance of an appellate court decision which has already been signed into law by governor Newsom so its just a matter of when as I sit here and listen to the young guns talk. On the tier, talk is cheap one explaining to the other the reason he cant shave. The E.O.P's fucked it up for everyone he explains to the other when I could have jump into the conversation but don't waste my breath with the tough guy's their gonna be here a while until they realize that they all must go thru the crusible of fire and suffer some and come to a different therory in life or die trying to make a name for them self's it is only a matter of time the older you get the more and more you begans to submit when all that you hold dear go's away in 4 the end and you have nothing but the judgement seat of the Almighty before you will you show God what a tough guy murderer you were cause there's millions of those guys the real hero's are the one's that stand alone that walk alone and due their time not everyone else's the razors thats always an issue when you have nut jobs around that like's to swallow things or you have drug's around and prison games. The reason there's no razors is cause there's to many people that will slash or slice someone up if they can get there hand's on one, or cut themselves to get out of here cause they can't do there time and when they relieze that god isn't answering them and there hollow prayer request they loose all hope and return to there natural man state of mind and do just what Johnny law perscript's for those that are unrepentant of these sins to the world and the community's from which they come, me I'm over and out soon. My 36 years 3 numbers [numbour's?] hospital stays and 21 State hospitals [numbour's?] County jail's Bubba fact! The world tour ending Senate Bill 136, prop 57, penal code Section 667, 667.5 all my investigation into my own life has lead to the best Christmas present ever Luke chapter 2:11, now New Year's Day and my only present! A catalog! To shop! At the United State's mint. Luke 2:14 amen Matthew 5:9 your's always Crazy Davy Whitecell - United States NAVY G 18 20

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: January 1, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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