Well, minus the nonsense lifes great

Black Cloud



Saturday June 4th, 2016 "Black Cloud" Well, minus the nonsense life's great. Especially, when you lost a lot in life such as cars, family and many good things you once enjoyed. But guards that run their shifts in Lucasville drive off misery. It's funny how they come to work with a tough look on their face. Almost mostly looking for a bully shot at a prisoner they attempt to harass. Thinking that the things they do wont catch up with them. It's funny how somehow I always find ways to stay livelier than they are. How do I do it, that's not to be said. To each is his own. As I've probably previously mentioned, how c/o's at Lucasville love assaulting chained prisoners. Though I've not seen or been victim of them pushing prisoners down the steps. Nor, have I yet witnessed them throw them down stairs or pull the "blame game" on camera. They go to a prisoners cell, harass that person and get them started. Then they jump back and blame the prisoner for spitting on them. I've been twice victimized by one of the Lucasville classics of them beating prisoners in the sergeants office. I've watched the c/o's here harass a prisoner and when a white shirt took him to the hole. From my cell I could see them waiting for the sergeants to get the prisoner far enough off camera so they can jump on him. Mind you that in Level 4B in the Ohio prison system, prisoners are to be cuffed and shackled outside their cells. So other than rec, shower or transition to 4A, no prisoner moves without irons outside their cell. However guards always jump on prisoners and imply that a prisoner assaulted them. How's that? To even things out and keep things impartial. These prisoners do a thing they called "cell banging." It's when they yell insults at each other through the cell bars to piss their opponent off. Sometimes it's annoying and sometimes "cell banging" is entertaining. Some individuals with much sense indulge in cell banging. Thats not my thing but to each his own. But one thing that is awry is how even the c/o's get to cell banging with prisoners. They pass word on to the rookies and so on. Isn't the criminal world supposed to be totally different from the cops? The way these people in Ohio prisons play with them, and each other. It's no wonder these cops get off the dirt they do. Unfortunately for myself I'm very great at conducting defenses and warfare for my behalf. No I'm not the tough stuff. At many points in life and since I've been incarcerated on this number. I've had to bite my tongue and swallow my pride. A prime example is of a guy who disliked me and I had words with. He's a giant compared to me and a skilled fighter as well. Though I never fought that guy, I stood my ground and never let him instill fear into me. He had and still has an advantage over me. Not to mean I don't know areas of my best advantages with a person like him (cuz I do.) Though I was jumped twice on this number. Each time I always told my opponents how weak they hit. I have a keloid above my left ear because I went to fight a person. He stabbed me with some blunt tip scissors and I took them from him and used them on him. Whats brilliant is I never got caught that night nor did I tell on the man. However, another problem is in Ohio prisons people gossip like Wendy Williams. As far as men in Ohio prisons who also refer to other men by addressing them with the B-word. Who does that? But people in Ohio prison say that to each other like they say hi? Well me I'm grown as hell, I know what I want out of life and how I will get it. So since many of my contemporaries are unlike me mentally, they must be as a person who slips my mind like quicksand. As it is at times a challenge to keep myself out of the mist of the nonsense. I somehow someway do it like Snoop Dogg came up with funky hits like every single day. I've seen prisoners take bottled excrement and sling it on someone. That stuff stinks the block up, but what grown up play's with excrement? They do that in Lucasville. Me I play with myself and not just in a sense of masturbating. I play with my mind and body when I work out and practice yoga. I also play with my opponents. These c/o's especially! It's like when I fell out with a person. He played me still like I was sweet. I was hip to his mental games. He wasn't hip to the fact I had a hawk I intended to use on him while he was on the phone. I love playing with my opponents as well as I love to use my drive of aggression in clutch time. As I commence the closing of this voluntary story of life of my time in prison. I must continue to always do me and get mine and let no one stop me. Though I'm fighting off an "L" I see my objective successfully completed. And when it comes to how these c/o's in Lucasville try to promote homosexuality and intimidate a person who looks at a female. I'ma be a man till I die and I'ma always love women. That's why a mothers touch could never be given by a man. I just would like to speak how our case manager has attractive qualities, however, she just ain't nothin. I must admit I at once was captured by her appearance. I shook her like I've done others cuz I'm not a sucka. However other women will always get the proper homage they deserve. Not saying that our case manager or others don't deserve respect. Just like humility is far from being a punk, due proper respect is far from weakness. My point is I love playing my position with females and never letting these cops intimidate me. Thats with females or anything. As I attempt to finally close this out to pursue my other objectives. It's about to be fathers day and do I have good thoughts for him? Hell no! When I told him of me being assaulted by the c/o's here. He didn't care but told my grandmother that I was fighting the c/o's, she wrote me in a letter to stop fighting the c/o's. I [vituperatively?] told her what happened and how the c/o's starved me and also cut the water off in my cell. My mother is the only person who has a great day in my mind besides, God and myself. Though my mother and I had rough times and she doesn't get my goals as I do. I appreciate her love and support unlike that bitch I thought was my father. Especially while I'm unjustifiably locked in the hole and lost close one's in death while segregated. He can fry with every body I told about these police brutality, family or not. Mind you, I wrote the governor of Ohio and inspector general about this prisons c/o's. The governor try's to run for President; silly rabbit, America doesn't need you! As much as I wish to describe my time in prison, I must close like this. Cheers to anybody feelin this and who got the fight and courage to exploit a bully or bullies. To my alleged father, his side of the family, the police, and all who support people like these dirty cop's. Hold up 5 fingers and subtract four. You shall get my proper gesture to you. It comes with a closed fist and more behind it. That's on you though... Sincerely yours Truly "Black Cloud"

Author: Black Cloud

Author Location: Ohio

Date: June 4, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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