West wing living conditions




Mecham Idaho NO TITLE West weng living conditions tigh and this hole prison is varee ignorance and Staff are disrespectfully to inmats and medical ripoff by charging you $5 avre time you fillout a SHR for medical a charging you for your refill on prescription. You work four ten cents a houer and commissary is not chep aver thing is vare expensive in this prison. This prison don't won't to help you get out because they get money for you being in a full prison so they keep it full. The State of Idaho legalsystem is broken. They keep you 10tolife are geve you a mont of time. The State of Idaho is corrupt so is the prison system. The Governor is the bigst problem in Idaho. The people are scared of the Governor are the peopel don't now about all the stuff going on weth the prison. The Governor tok good time way a the paroleboard don't help you out. I think they shud brang back good time and get red of the parolbord ane the corrupt Governor and lower a judge that keep this corrupt going in this state and prison system and give inmats the help they need so they can get home to thare famle. It is hard on the inmate and his famly. I fill that I shud be punish for my crime and geve me a chans to get help too in stead life in prison. I don't think Idaho legalsystem and my [illegible] gave me a fare shake know uther statse are corrupt like Idaho is. In OR Nev WA list you know wen you are geting out. If you are in Idaho Prison system you and your famly don't know wen you will get out of Idaho prison. I just won't a chance weth my famly and a new life

Author: Mecham

Author Location: Idaho

Date: September 14, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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