What a move that they make: an unfair practice that the administration make at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex

Pendleton, Ricky Vincent, II



Essay: What a move that they make: An unfair practice that the administration make at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex What a move that they make: An unfair practice that the Administration make at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex What I do see with the episode that goes on in this place is so unfair. It also seems to me that most of these personnel don't know what they are doing as far as their job description goes. They seem to not doing a good job as far as their job description goes. Most of the inmates here at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex are elderly. There are some who is handicap. But they treat them as if this place is a camp for them. The administration caters to the elderly and handicap who are no threat to anyone. So why keep them here in a so-called Maximum Security Penitentiary? There is a unit called an Honor Unit for those who are so-called model inmates who never been in trouble as far as violating a prison rule are concern. But, I was considered a model inmate too, even with the two past prison rule violations. The administration does treat most of the inmates favorably. It is so bad that some of these inmates think that they're invincible for having license to acquire extra crumbs by this administration. Inmates in here don't get paroled as fast enough when you are warehoused in here. It's like one in several years later that gets paroled. They don't transfer these elderly and handicap inmates and most are at the level of medium status such as a level three or lower. But they administration doesn't transfer them to a lower level prison facility. When an inmate cries about being moved to a lower level prison facility this administration listens to them then denies their transfer. Meantime, there are inmates at Regional jails who are ready to get classified after being sentenced, have to wait two to three years to even get transferred to mount Olive Correctional Complex. It is the same with the jobs the staff personnel shows favoritism toward inmates they deem special. What this mean is that, those inmates this administration doesn't transfer after those inmates refuse to be, are now informants. They would tell what is going on in here in an infiltration scheme. All of the inmates know who is eligible for transfer but when they are brought back to this facility we automatically know that he didn't want to leave and watch his specialness comes out. Then he immediately gets a job, it's like a contract the administration makes with these cowards as inmates who doesn't want to go anywhere to stay here they would have to inform on their fellow inmates as to what is going on behind closed doors. The administration is risking these inmates lives also creating a hostile environment among the inmates. Most of these inmates don't want to be transferred even to a lower level prison facility is because of the prison conditions. The six man dorms, eight man dorms et cetera. In here there are two man cells. As far as I am concern this is not a maximum security prison when this administration does this to inmates. When the inmates refuse to be transferred, they don't transfer them. And then there are those who the administration doesn't like for numerous reasons. But, the over all reason would be punishment. Yes, that is what this administration use transferral of inmates to another facility, to punish the inmate they don't like as far as racially motivated, if the inmate is and/or about to be successful in a lawsuit against them and their affiliates. They are really quick in transferring them too. What is so bizarre about this is if the administration can't control the inmate they would transfer the inmate(s) to a lower level prison facility. But this place is a maximum security prison. What is going on with that? This administration had transferred inmates with higher levels and keep those special ones with prison level of three or less. Each inmate is classified by their level and the highest is five which is maximum security status, the lowest is a one. Your level dictates where you should be housed but the administration doesn't care about the levels except when they want to punish an inmate then they transfer them. This administration thinks that every inmate has the same thinking or something. They think that most inmates don't want to be transfer to a lower level facility because of the housing conditions. How naive they are to think this. Being in a maximum security prison and when you are eligible to move down a level being transferred to a medium level facility is a blessing. The one thing I do find also bizarre, where when those inmates get transferred to a lower level facility, they will nine times out often be paroled when they are eligible as opposed to being in the Maximum Security Prison like Mount Olive Correctional Complex. I see that so many people had died here than anywhere else. This prison plays for keeps only if you are willing to inform for them cause if you are transferred eligible they will transfer those inmates they don't like. Now the administration is feeling the effects of overcrowding and still refuse to transfer those inmates that are transfer eligible. They had recently brought back an inmate who is eligible for transfer. He is on the low key because people know he came back . They know that he is going to inform for the administration. There was this other inmate that was schedule to be transferred and he started acting really crazy, refusing to go. This inmate had attempted to jump over the fence just to stay here. After the staff personnel had apprehended him, the inmate had made the comment while on the ground being subdued, "All of the things that I did for you!" I know what he was saying, and he had informed for the administration. He had been here for a while too. There are a lot of these guys out here in the general population. Snitching, informing cooperating with the administration just to stay here when they are eligible for transfer, they don't want to go anywhere. It is funny when I see some of these inmates who are trash talkers, who talk a lot of tough guy shit. But, when they are transfer eligible they cry about being in that situation and somehow they don't get transferred. People who don't want to be reminded that when they reach the medium level and are transfer eligible they are one-step from going home. But, they rather be at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex informing for the administration, acting like they are tough for the duration. We all know who are the cowards being shown favoritism by the administration. There are a small few thorough inmates that are strong, we see what a move that they are Making. By: Ricky Vincent Pendleton II

Author: Pendleton, Ricky Vincent, II

Author Location: West Virginia

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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