What ex-convicts need once released from prison (for real)

Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.



Felton L. Matthews Jr. Ely, Nevada 89301 Date: "What ex-convicts need once released from prison (for real)" I shall start my essay with a story. In 1992, when I was violated on a suspicious probation violation connected to my interstate compact transfer between Las Vegas, Nevada and Dallas, Texas I had been dumped by my "girlfriend" C H over the phone. I called her from a pay phone at a Kroger's Supermarket in Wynnewood Village in Oak Cliff (Dallas, Texas). I asked her for help to get back to her and school. To "keep it real", I said or wrote some things to maybe justify that but I did it to get her to focus on what I really needed from her. I explained that her virginity is not important to me. As quiet as it is kept, a man or convict rather have money on the books and phone than a beautiful virginal college honor student (from an ugly four hundred pound, rotten tooth woman or even a homosexual at that!) I also suspect the break up was due to inmates writing her on the "cool" out of jealousy and loneliness. I know one guy who wrote a guy's family and said he was having sex with him and he was black! This caused his white conservative republican racist family to cut him off. This guy spent one hundred dollars a week on the store! I let C know I am a guy that is use to beautiful women and I had a couple that would shame her. It's the truth. I also left in Las Vegas four other women who dated or had sex with me regularly. They were not as smart or as beautiful as C but they were far from ugly and could screw most girls under the table. Now, note and understand next about what I am going to tell you, "C admitted to me she stole fifty dollars from her mother one time." Secondly, I left Las Vegas, Nevada in 1992 to secure my rights to my then three year old daughter A for these five (5) women. I felt C had punished me for going after A as did S. A and I are now very estranged based on that and some very suspicious sexually explicit letters I do not think she wrote. And if she did write them, it was only to give herself an excuse to deny me as her true biological father. I am holding on to the worst of the letters to solve this enigma or mystery. Now, I will explain to you, my readers and judges, what support people from prison really need upon release from prison. I hope law makers and governors and the president is listening. It's more than just my utter opinion as well. What people being released from prison need the most is complete and utter forgiveness, socially and professionally, for their crimes. For years, society has punitively punished law breakers after the fact of incarceration by not allowing them real honest employment with a decent wage to allow them to really and honestly turn from a life of crime. "This", combined with education and trade school access in or at release from prison, would make the recidivism rate plummet to almost nil. There is way too much judgement and not enough forgiveness. Granted, some crimes are much harder to forgive than others (e.g. murder, child molestation, sex crimes) but even the apostle Paul preached the importance of "Forgiveness for the offender" (See 2 Corinthians 2:5-11). the key words to this passage are, "If indeed, do I need to forgive anything at all." This is the answer in my opinion. That being said, the people who do not hire ex-convicts for whatever personal reasons are just as much a threat to society as criminals! Why?! Their unforgiveness and their judgement based on a person's past helps keep criminals "very" criminal. Case in point. A "street" drug dealer and a good looking, young, healthy prostitute makes as much money as a business manager or an executive officer. They get busted and sent to prison, and when they get out they try honest work or go to school and apply for work from these very people. They get turned down because of the conviction or they are forced to work menial jobs. Now people, do the math, $5.15 an hour versus $1,000 to $3,000 dollars for one night of drug dealing - tax free, or $5.15 an hour vs. five customers paying as little as fifty dollars to three hundred dollars or more for sexual favors. To the criminal mind reinforced on judgement and unforgivenness, it's plain common sense. Can you really blame them? And even if the minimum wage gets shot up to 15.00 dollars an hour they will "still" make far more money faster! Understand, I am not advocating a life of crime. I had no real problem finding work after my 1992 conviction. This is primarily because I made menial fast food jobs and labor work and I went back to school. I used the system. But the system only works when you have employers and schools who do not judge. My challenge is that I will be a child sex offender. Based on vigilante attacks, sex offender registration and prejudicial supervision I feel I have little or no chance to recoup from this issue. If I punish a vigilante attack, and trust me, I have the skills and know how to punish and attack even a police station, the courts will look first at my child sex crime conviction before they look at my right to self defense. And that is what is wrong with the American justice system. Now, there are some of you thinking, "You should not have touched that little kid!" Again, 2 Corinthians. These people do not know if I really hurt a child or if that child took off her clothes and straight had sex with me. There is nothing, absolutely "nothing" these employers and people have to forgive because they are not even remotely or personally involved. It's the cold blooded truth. A person's crime or mistake is their problem and business. They have punished and that should be the end of it. They are entitled to an opinion. They do not have to like me but they do have to respect me when I am free. Employers do not hire ex-convicts, not because of security interest, but for "company image." For example, a prostitute turns bank teller and one of her or his "dates" walks into the bank: "Oh, I know you!", and the bank manager starts to worry about losing accounts. Granted the prostitute may or may not have rolled a "trick" but that should be irrelevant if she has gone back to school and learned the skills she needed to go "straight." But the security risk in my opinion is the same as a person who never did it all. Now, I'll make my point about C. You see, just because you were never prosecuted or caught for whatever you did does not make you "not" a criminal. To me, C was no better than I was convicted someone convinced her she could have done better and my present circumstances justifies that, and maybe they are right, but objectively a woman would say or think I was prime "daddy" material because I dropped five women to go after a little girl placing my life on hold. It's a pro and a con. Secondly, consider the madness of the world trying to police Facebook, control Google, and police the internet. Did you know that child pornography, "alone", separate from adult pornography, is a 20 billion dollar a year business?! Consider the gravity of that. If it's 20 billion dollars a year, then that requires the cooperation of 1). The sick ass parents, 2). A very clever and enterprising "pimp" or madame, and 3). Police and government cooperation and protection. And trust me, for every internet sting the police pull off there are about ten under the age of fourteen (or even ten) kids carrying about fifty dollars American to about ten thousand pound British sterling or Euro back to their parents and pimps people! And these same people sit on juries, wear badges and send people to prison "every day". These same people look at a convict's employment application and say, "Sorry, you are a felon we cannot hire you here!" This is the basis of all unforgiveness and criminal recidivism at its root. The non-violent criminal Movement There has been legislation invoked to release non-violent criminals to reduce prison over crowding. I am going to tell you why it's going to fail. In prison, especially in Nevada, you are considered "non-violent" based on what you did, not who you really are as a person. Case in point, in minimum custody camp there are more attacks and violence than in maximum security! Why? The majority of the campers are gang members who committed drive by shootings or stabbed and killed people - they, like C did not get caught! So why should a person who sits behind a desk, who may well be as criminal as myself or worse, be given the authority to deny me fair and honest employment based on my past? A person being violent or non-violent should be determined based on their overall record, history, and what they were doing "before" they got locked up. It's not a cure all, but it is a very safer tool or rule. My overall history, in truth, would support me being non-violent. I have absolutely no weapons based felony violence in my history, period. (I use my fist people. I'm pretty good at it too). I am usually vindicated due to self-defense. I worked on the street. Consolidation By now you should clearly understand the problem if you if you think my point of view has merit. I shall simplify what ex-convicts need in the community for support. 1). Forgiveness - Employers should look at skills and experience, not crime. This needs to stop - Today! 2). Legislation - Laws to punish #1 above for discrimination. If you are not personally involved or if it's not a real hard security threat they should hire you. Consolidation 3). Teacher shortages - Okay, if a teacher cannot be hired to work around "kids" there is always online. Mary Kay Latourneau can teach via web cam and still get her salary. A teacher can make a mistake and sleep with a student but that does not mean they are not good, competent teachers. Again - forgiveness. 4). A place to stay - Shelters are barring sex offenders along with H.O.A.s and building codes. They say it's safety and security, but it's really harassment. It's unforgiveness and hatred. 5). Education - Pell grant priority to newly released convicts who apply for trade school or college. Public state colleges and universities cannot ban access due to background. However, if they do they must enroll online. 6). Eliminate double standards - If a cop or judge commits a sex crime or becomes a pedophile, let them have it. There is a disparity between legal defense of the rich and the poor. Everyone pays the full "Monty" regardless of status. If police kills an innocent, regardless of color, they need to be held liable and go to prison, especially if it's racially motivated. People got a right to fight and punish aggression in police that is senseless and unwarranted (e.g. corrupt government - U.S.O.A. 2 and 3) The Militia P.S. C S "I forgive you", Love Felton

Author: Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: January 9, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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