What I see in God

Torres, Eduardo



What I see in God Torres Mule Creek State Prison, CA God Has patience and the devil causes hell. Give yourself some time to absorb that. Like a day. So most things for good people like most people who suffer need discipline. However, discipline is a process that really never ends at least in my current view. Time however does end in/for many respects. Skill and grace can be deployed for these drastic truths. Nevertheless seek God to find paths around obstacles and Jesus will help you conquest your battles in this messy world. You will know one day you were not born in a position that you are happy with, but if you believe in God you are are to find peace and outstanding bliss. Devils know you more than you expect it is important to believe in yourself with a heart and all of its definitions. A heart that follows through, a heart that finds joy, a heart that is pure is a heart of a champion. Only you are you, I cant tell you what keeps you from patience. Patcience should be revered as proper action, skill, and grace. I found that my life was so foggy I could only have used prison and jail for a real deep relationship to build strong foundations with myself and my demons that at the same time should be ignored yet exploited. Mental Clarity I guess is what the devil gave Adam and Eve. After all they hid from God after eating the fruit of knowledge in (Genesis 3:7). "Their eyes opened, and saw they were naked". It was patcience that was destroyed and brought the word to its position it's in today. The devil has made it so iniquity has consumed the vital energy of mankind in this life and the reason for sufferment in the afterlife because life is so necessary for God in his eyes. We most lengthen our lives through healthy choices that otherwise would destroy us and expose us to devils and demonic people who follow the discipleship of the wicked. Today God is fighting, see yourselves for what he helps you see, yourself as and fight to regain territory of God in such alarming times.

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: March 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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