What if I told you

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



APWA 198 College Hill Rd Clinton, N.Y. 13323 P.O. Box 730 Date 12/29/15 Tabor City, N.C. 28463 Willie Worley Jr. T.CI. #4885 What If I Told You Hello, I am an incarcerated person in the state of North Carolina. What if I told you that there are a league of incarcerators dedicated on creating a dangerous environment for residents to stay in? Would you believe me? You should. Let me tell you a little secret. There are so many unintelligable prison personnel employed for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety that it is almost unbelievable. There is one incident in particular that I wanted to share with you. It happened at the facility I am housed at now (Tabor Correctional). On January 14, 2015, I arrived at one of the most antagonistic, anti-African American, right-wing operated prisons in the state of North Carolina. Every prison I have ever been to ordered newspapers so prisoners can keep up with current events across the nation. Especially in solitary confinement. The only clear news station that prisoners can pick up on their radio is "Rush Lambough, Randy Salvage" and whatever, other cultural hate broadcast their station is airing. Prisoners are made to listen to Caucasian Supremacist rhetoric for their news information daily. They understand that their captives are right-wing extremist and are fond of making their lives miserable with confederate corrections. What they don't understand is how to stop this form of corrections. There is one situation that troubles me the most. I was on the Gray Unit at Tabor Correctional. From my cell I could see the shower area. A prisoner that refused to put on a shirt that was unclean was approached by a sargeant and two other prison guards with excessive force. As they handcuffed and agressively pulled the prisoner out of the shower and galloped him to his cell draggingly. I became troubled by these conditions of correction. Obviously the prisoner did also. He spit in the eyes of his oppressors, and one of them took their fist and hit the prisoner in his mouth. They took everything out of his cell. The mattress, sheets, and personnel property. He had only his boxers, t-shirt and socks. It was at least 17 degrees outside. Tabor Correctional long-term cells heating and air vents always blow cold air. To top off this torturrous treatment. The prison guard took out a warrant on the prisoner for assault. Prison executives or any executive receive such positions because they know how to execute problems that employees create. When they fail to execute and address problems correctly. The problem does not go away. The problem continue to cause more problems. This is what happens in North Carolina. Prison guards are not all bad, but the ones that are stands for all. It's sortive like the one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. If a prison guard mistreats a prisoner which is usually the case. All the other prison guards will cater to his oppression. In North Carolina prisons, this example usually cost prisoners ten dollars for administration fees. Most residents like to support tough on crime politicians in North Carolina because they feel as though they have the answer to crime prevention. These same politicians employee secretaries, commissioners, and directors that promote a dangerous environment with conferate corrections. Inflicting lessons and courses of hate to prisoners. By the time prisoners get out, they have little or no respect for anyone. Who do we owe all do respect to for ex-prisoners aberrant conditions of confinement in this state. The North Carolina Department of Public Safety that's who. Common sense should tell prison personnel isolation alone changes the way the brain works, often making prisoners more impulsive, less able to control themselves. Torturing them by putting them in cold cells with only a t-shirt and boxes for three days minimum is simply cruel and unusual punishment. Not to mention mind crippling. Willie Worley

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: December 29, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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