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Poff, Julia Ann



SUBJECT: Article - "What If" DATE: 10/20/2021 12:46:37 PM Hi, This is an article I wrote yesterday. "WHAT IF" As a little girl I was taught that is I wanted something I should pray about it. So when I went to church every Sunday, I would say: "Lord, I was told I need to pray about what I want so when I grow up, I want to be rich and famous. Amen" I must have prayed that prayer hundreds of times, and what if I moved on in life and gave up on that prayer thinking it just wasn't for me, but yet God remembered me on my knees and reciting those words over and over again? What if, this is His way of answering that prayer? I am definitely famous in the wrong kind of way, but everyone knows my name. What if, God determined long ago to get what you want you will have to suffer along the way, would you still want what you prayed for? The Bible doesn't say life will be easy, in fact it says you will face trials and obstacles along the way. I was lying in bed last night and this popped in my head if I could go back in time to when I was on my hands and knees praying my prayer and God said to me, "I will grant your wish but you will have to give up 4 years of your freedom do you still want it?” Back then, I might have changed my prayer but reflecting on today I definitely would not. I know it may sound strange to say but I am blessed where I am because I have no freedom. However, my lack of freedom has allowed me to help others gain their total freedom. During this lockdown I have been a Godsend to many in preparing legal documents for them to file on their own in court. I have been incredibly blessed to watch 14 people walk out the door to their freedom. These were women without hope who thought they had many more years here to do. I have a huge problem and that is I can't say "NO,” to anyone. I have people stop me in the hallways and ask for help, if there is a will then we can always find a way. What if this is my destiny in life, to use my legal knowledge a gift given to me by God himself, to help others less fortunate? Then I want to do the best I can for anyone and everyone I meet. I know without a doubt that my days with no freedom is coming to an end and I will be waiking out the door to finaliy gather all the riches coming my way. There are book deals, movie contracts, and other prosperous investments in negotiations already so my future is going to be an incredible adventure. So with my best days yet to come I am so glad I said that prayer and never considered the "what ifs..." involved in my life. Because to get where I am today there is no doubt that I would go through it all again if that is what God wanted me to do. So the next time you say a prayer ask yourself what you are willing to go through if God were to grant it and what if it involved giving up your freedom, would you do it? Julia Poff

Author: Poff, Julia Ann

Author Location: Texas

Date: October 20, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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