What is free will

Torres, Eduardo



What is Free Will Free Will may be well understood but is it understood in every possible way? People don't rely on themselves very much and may lose much of their instintive qualities that make life everything we expirience it to be. We can argue we only experience the things we do because of instinct and free will on a theologic, psychologic, and esoteric level. Instinct has been defined as religion in its most primitive state. We follow our instincts naturaly, and we need them in many points in our daily decition-making skills. Theology has it, we presvere, have faith, and drive towards a higher power instinctively. Behind the visage of percepted reality lies a hint of uncertainty where our making takes place. I suggest we look at areas about conciousness that have been kept on the frontier of curiosity. Dreams, and different states of conciousness, have vexed scholars and children alike at their source. It seems to me neurologists are fundementally looking in the wrong place. The questions behind concioussness itself and its limits are a matter of a different nature energy, or force. One technological advance such as the development of electricity greatly influenced the way we live. The next breakthrough is imminent, for me in the very least. I have found the impossible and it really loses its wow factor. Life with schizophrenia has taught me we are watched and we are very ignorant as people to believe life is mundane and to follow the crowd and lose our celestial identity in the process. Energy is something that requires focus, and paticience is a virtue so when do we reap what we constantly sow? Life isnt perfect and we must have back up plans when things don't go right. We retire once enough work has been done. I like to wait last minute to challenge myself and amaze myself. I have learned that focus is taken away from people and people are manipulated by this way. Religion can only do so much. The rest is up to nature. Modern as life is today, the ancient ways shine that much more. -ETS 03-08-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: March 8, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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