What is free?

Poindexter, Rufus, Jr.



"What Is Free?" Since the first prison in Arkansas, Inmates have always been forced to harvest crops such as any type of vegtable or fruit you can name, and build Prisons, build on to Prisons, and any other type of construction work you can think of dealing with the A.D.C at no cost but only six "6" dollars a year added on to their commissary from a franchise of Prison work and hard labor produce by Incarcerated men and women. That's estimated anywhere from $50 to $100 million dollars. 2009, when I was on hoe-squad at Varner Unit, I ask my rider on the horse who was a leutinent at the time name Walker how much money does Varner Unit alone makes after we harvest the beans, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, okra and so one. He stated at least 13$ million dollars. We only get 6$ dollars a year every december from hard works of labor. The system is corrupt and its sad to be on the criminal end but, eventhough people commit crimes and are sent to prison to pay for it by restrictions of personal happiness sometimes I ask myself, who are the real criminals, state officials, the Governor, politicians or citizens who make up the population of the Earth? What is Free? Time is free but the perfect mistake can cost billions especially when its public and justified in a manner to dictate it's own out look. The victim will always be pitted but the suspect would fit into the character of "The Joker" in a "Batman" show. I now realize that the world we have created gets dangerous by the second due to ideals manifested by the poor inorder to survive but are stolen by the rich only for self success amongst a certain level of People. Only a choosen few are able to possess influence over a major crowd and if the message is not coded right then that person is silenced for eternity. We as people only seek the truth from crime. Arkansas is the top state that does not get paid or pay its Inmate a righteous salary for working hard labor of any prison job at all. That is why contraband is a top priority within the prison system such as cell-phones, cigarettes, marijuana, K-2, and any other drug that can be smuggled in and used to make money. The ghetto cycle of the community within the streets are still taking effect within prison walls. Young Black teens drop out of highschool inorder to put food on a kitchen table for they siblings because they parents are to strung out to provide for the house hold and to keep clothing on their backs and their brothers, sisters or cousins also if any stays under the same roof. Thats called a self-sacrifice but that also leads to jail time for murders to prevent robberies by certain parties but that habit to survive doesn't die at that moment, it gets worser due to lack of commissary and harsh prison living from $6 dollars a year and $12 dollars a month of free indigent if you haven't been to the store in 30 days or haven't had no more than 20$ dollars on your account. How do people, such as society think drugs are brought into prison? Inmates don't leave and go home and bring whatever they want back. Police, the guards, they become part of the fast environment due to lack of pay from Correction Facility, when too much work is at hard plus life or death at any moment for a little bit of nothing and bills plus responsibilities are a constant duty based on reality everyday living sponsoring family and friends, which create greed because the money we created spoils the thought into thinking that its nothing wrong by law enforcements to break the law especially to better their conditions as long as they can keep getting more and stay getting away with it. To be continue... Rufus Poindexter

Author: Poindexter, Rufus, Jr.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: September 25, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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