What is religion?

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



What is religion? Religion is a belief; and some beliefs come with consequences. 'Cause there's critics that will react with violence. Why you think all these wars going on, are going on. It's all leading back to religion. You have your Jews, secretly accumulating wealth after the Hitler era; your Muslims struggling to be painted good and decent in the news and the Christians judging everyone. Shaping peoples lives like instruments and kids thoughts. The ones running the world, are not displaying anything genius. It's simple math; divide and conquer. That's how the Americans got wealthy and powerful. They slaved the Africans/Mexicans and had the Africans build America, while the Mexicans worked the fields to tend to what we was eating. What is religion? Religion is a belief. A belief that many'll die for, or debate a thousand hours about. I'm not sure of what percentage of the world believes in a God; but I know it's not enough us. 'Cause if it was, our crimes of senseless homicides from children going missing, to domestic violence ending our women lives... wouldn't exist. 1. My cocky self, came from pain; in the slums of Stockton, California and had many nights I slept without food to eat. I know about starvation; so I learned to survive. My guide was my parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins and the friends east of the city I'd die for. But through all of that clutter, I had God in my heart. I knew I could never take the life of women or children. And in my generation as a gangster in the streets, we played war games with semiautomatics and assault weapons. But we'd always put God, and our families first. No one touched your family in my generation. (The early 90s to the new millennium) and that was like an unwritten rule in the streets. Now, we all know everything don't always go as planned. So that's the Instagram pictures we see sometimes; and the brutal news pictures of another life gone; another innocent life lost... I've always thought about heaven/hell, trying to comprehend the afterlife. And I have thoughts like, is there really a God? I know there was one, 'cause how else do we explain mankind? I'll let no one downplay my dreams, and try to justify it due to their lack of talent or 2. experience. There's a couple things unique about me. I'm always optimistic, with every event of my life. Two, I'm a people's person always. I can connect with any personality, as long as our disagreements don't become physical. It's why, I've never had a physical altercation with a cell mate; and I've had a few horrible cell mates... Their version of reality wasn't reality. It was more reality TV; when there's a lot of men in state prison whos willing to use that inmate manufactured knife! I say all of this to say, there's those who believe in a God, and those who don't know what to believe. Jesus Christ? The Virgin Mary? Moses? Muhammed? Christianity? The Holy Qu'ran? The New Testament? Jews? So many questions that have no answer about how a God created us. And where is he/or where is she?? We need serious help y'all... 3.

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 24, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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