What ‘next time’ to the ‘board’?! The time before the ‘time-before-last time’ was the ‘next time’!!




"WHAT 'Next Time' To The 'Board' ?! The Time BEFORE The 'Time-BEFORE-LAST Time' WAS The 'NEXT Time' !!" Once upon a time there lived a hapless citizen who had fed his starving family by shooting a deer on private property, for which he was arrested and tried and thrown into prison. In the meantime the law was changed, making the offense henceforth punishable by a mere fine. After much deliberation (and time lost), ultimately it was decided that "FAIR-AND-EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER The LAW" dictated that he had a RIGHT to benefit from the LESSER OF the penalties, since the 'New' Law had rescinded the previous Law; and because the 'New' Law was "less onerous." Which brings us to (Ohio's) remaining 'Old Law' prisoners (from before 1996's 'Senate Bill-2') who were supposed to have benefited from it but who somehow got left out. Of course, most 'Old Law' would still have ended-up with 'New Law'-equivalent sentences IF they had an honest, reliable 'parole' board to RELEASE each person at his (or her) court-stated ELIGIBILITY (which was 2/3 of the stated 'minimum' (the ACTUAL sentence IS the 'minimum' less 30% for 'Good Behavior'). No HONEST person would have suspected that this would not come to pass. But, ALAS! the FOX had been left in charge of the "hen-house" (It still is!) Once it came to light, however, nothing was done - for 13 years more - while 'Old Law' grew older waiting..... Then, FINALLY, came "House Bill 86," 'Section-10,' a weak attempt at freeing the "65-and-older" by requiring 'individual' "reports" and "reviews"... Incredibly, of 347 elderly (from age 65 to age 90) "not one was found 'worthy' of 'consideration'"...though their minimums - and certainly their ELIGIBILITY, were reached and passed MANY years ago! IF 'Section-10' had been carried out according to the Lawmakers' expressed Intent, some 300 or more of those elderly people could have spent Christmas, 2011 at home, where their grandchildren are growing up without them. But it was IGNORED (or cleverly GOTTEN-AROUND); and now ANOTHER Christmas is approaching and is set to pass them by. REMEMBER that these are NOT 'lifers'; they were due to go home years (and years) ago! Lawsuits haven't helped; suing takes years too long! So what is left to do? And who is there to do it? WE The PEOPLE - The CITIZENS who hold the 'Highest Office In the Land' - we who have the FINAL SAY-SO And the Authority to back it up! Our "Constitution" guarantees it: "The PEOPLE SPEAK, and it SHALL be DONE." Judge Learned Hand said: "He who KNOWS the TRUTH, and Bellows NOT the TRUTH, makes Himself the ACCOMPLICE of Liars and Forgers." So turn-up the Light-Of-Truth every chance you get! Let others know the Truth that you've learned. Pass the word about the 'Old Law' and their plight. Print and reprint the Truth until it becomes common knowledge - until the subject is on everyone's lips - and until the exhausted and beleaguered 'Old Law' people are back among us! For fairness - and for freedom: "Let The PEOPLE Speak....."

Author: Raedwulf

Author Location: Ohio

Date: April 11, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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