What the mind knows, the eye sees

Joe Boy



What the Mind Knows, The Eye See As you name is [redacted]. I’m a (70) year old Black. Born and race in a little town in Texas. As you may say I am country boy. Coming up in Texas was hard for a Black man espectually if you was in my setuation. I was born with a cleft-palate and speech impaired. Coming up in life and to this day. I been heckled and teased!! It hurt and lowered my self-esteem. I didn’t want to go to school my parents send me but I play hookey. I have dyslexia in some form or another, I can write what I see, but I can read what I wrote. My learn disability. I has skill but it didn’t do me any good because of my disability. My life have never been some that would make me happy. I came out here to California to change my life (It didn’t). In the State of California is a city called Riverside one of the bigger counties in the state. There are a hundred jails or more in all the counties together. The justice system is differ in all the counties. Riverside County is first on the list. One of the most prejudice and corrupt justice system, I know. I lived in Riverside County for 34 years. They conviction rate are 98% highs the any county in the state. They tell the publics how good the system works. They leave something, they don’t show the public what it takes to make it work. I am in the system, we are pressured and threatened to make life changing deals scare us with other cases or giving us the maximum penalty of the law. People that has the same disability I have, has no choice in the matter, the population in jail have some type of disability that motivate the deputies, public defender, prosecutor and judge take advantage of the situation. Going through both physically and psychological punishment. Which means nothing to them. They treat us like livestock, herd us in holding pens to be shipped to the slaughterhouse. The public defender don’t due anything to help you, like mine. She damaged my case at day one. She postponed my court procedure five(5) time, so the prosecutor could catch up (to make a case on me). I went through the motion of going. Just to hear her postpone my court date. Everybody knows Riverside County justice system need a make over. It’s all about the money. No regard for a person or ther constitutional right the 1, 5, 6, 8 and 14 Amendment rights are violated. Riverside County public defenders office employs about 120 attorneys and with an annual budget of more then $31 million. It has been estimated in recent years that it represent clients in about 55% percent of the felony and misdemeanor cases filed in Riverside County for 13 years the listed annual salary range is $172,299.70 to $310,340.58. And don’t diligently genfly defend his or her clients. As for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, there is no differance. To carry on the legacy. They tell the public, we are being rehabilitated, (It is an under statement. We are kept in storage like in a warehouse until it is time to leave, walking out or be carried out on a gurney, underfed, and with food not fit for human consumption is a way to rehabilitate us. The modern-day slavery is the way they rehabilitate. Most prisoners are indigent with no means of support inside or outside, and work for pennies, it is very little we can do about it. C.D.C.R. get 14 billion dollars annually, this allows basic hygiene items once a week: a bar of state soap and a razor. It doesn’t take an bert Einstein to see. CDCR is more driven to breaking prisoners like one breaks a horse or house breaks a dog, rather than rehabilitating. Nor does it take an Einstein to figure out paroling prisoners with psychological disorders is going to contribute to recidivism. Helplessness, begins with men being punished in a binary sense:) 1 Brutally long sentences abolish their liberty and ostracize them from their communities and families 2) then in prison the punishment paradigm brings endless psychological cut to dignity self-esteem individuality, self-confidence, and continuous demoralization all under the guise of rehabilitation corrections. (Modern-day) provide jobs for prisoners to earn money for their basic hygiene and dignity. However most of these generous jobs are without pay falling short on generosity. When a prisoner is fortunate enough to land paying job, which averages about eight cents (.08¢) an hour, that (8¢) is (dissect) subject to 55% restitution, leaving the prisoner with (0.46¢) hourly disposable income. that (.46¢) is subject to be levied upon for: medical co-pays ($5) per doctor visit) medical appliances (eyeglasses orthopedic shoes, canes. Wheelchairs crutches etc) mail fees and assorted other chargeable services. This means. Paying off chargeable services with an income (4¢) an hour your soul belongs to Big Brother. You have no means to buy basic hygiene items such as deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, or a cup of instant coffee. But rules and regulations demand you maintain basic hygiene: forget dignity or self-esteem between a rock and a hard place, to obtain the most basic of human needs. The prisoner is forced to steal from the workplace trading stolen items for deodorant or other necessities. Something have changed, all but the eight cents and restitution. New reasons come up to take the (0.8¢) they give us for the work me do. Medical, is one of the changes being made. We don’t have to pay for medical equipment. Dentist we still have to pay); On November 13, 1991 or 15, 1998 in CDCR (CMF) medical facility. I underwent a surgical procedure called a tongue flap for my cleft palate closure. Where the doctors were trying to connect my tongue to the roof of my mouth. For (33) days my tongue was sewed to the roof of my mouth. But the procedure was unsuccessful, so it was left open. The hole in roof of my mouth was bigger then before (up to this date) and (no attempt was make to correct the problem). Complications behind my surgery, new medical problem have developed. That has altered my health and life, also my tongue is disfigured (no attempt was make to correct that problem. With my tongue connect to the roof of my mouth (no direction was giving on how to take medication or how to eat. Due to my disability making it hard to interact or conduct myself around people or hold a interview for a productive job. The public blind, a told what they want to hear. We are being rehabilitated. Hundreds of prisoners died every year some are sicker than the rest. Are maybe the medical record was misread, or they just ignore the symptom because see us as the animals nature of human beings. There are medical sicked all kind. You has (CCCMS) prisoners, (EOP), (DDP), (OCD) and (PTSD) case identified in the study. However, it doesn’t take a doctoral degree in psychology to recognize PTSD is endemic in California prisons with an abysmal recidivism, failing to treat a nationally recognized, mental health disorder can only be described as irresponsible and a miscarriage of public trust. Thank you for your time [signature] P/S This letter was writtin 2-16-19 let me know when you get it.

Author: Joe Boy

Author Location: California

Date: February 16, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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