What we can due and owe as an American to the world

Torres, Eduardo



What we can due and owe as an American to the world. I'm not 100% on this but I imagine the Government allocate money to almost all causes. I'm a prisoner so I have had time to change my perspective from fast and selfish-ish to slow and in need. I have done this by learning lessons in progressive mentality and real life expirience. What I am asking here is to encourage people to make differences in the world that matter that include injustices to ecosystems, education, economy, and the justice system itself. We live in a country that allows people to have a voice not only by not prosecuting them but with money and special groups and loopholes in society that keep things as best they can. But even though these "loopholes" exist, it is our duty to implement them and make them as big as possible. I think people who participate in City Councils are good people but they will always be able to use ingenuity of the people who deal with issues firsthand. From the community to prison meant for me I had a whole new maze to navigate my way through. From work and schooling to lawsuits and writing I made a whole new perspective. I am more involved with the government than ever. I see how a person can change the world and I would like to advocate to make diffirences toward matters that the unspoken but beautiful people care about. Just because something should be done or because someone thinks something is done doesnt mean it is done. We are a strong country and it is hated by those countries that we owe our greatness to. In conclusion lets get involved in nonprofit not by donating but by setting a precedent in the goverment not to be better selfishly but better in truer ways. Lets be real and ask questions no one has asked. Anything can help but nothing is always a waste. - Eduardo Torres PO Box 409020 Ione CA 95640 -ET

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: May 11, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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