What we know of ourselves

Torres, Eduardo



Page 1 What we know of ourselves The subject matter I intend to discuss is not only elusive by its hard-to-assemble criterion, but also by its esoteric nature studied and spoken by so few. To know, is defined as being certain of something yet that isn't the battle chosen here. How we know something is the matter I will discuss. We can only begin to fathom everything between the conscious conscience and the unconscious conscience. The common understood limits of the mind are not what I will present either. We gather information by noticing things from experience. Expirience that is common and overused. The foundation to our psyche is largely based on expirience. What governs experience delves into matter of destiny and the holy or divine. Creation itself may under this premise I will further discuss. The higher above of the foundations the easier we can influence or manipulate our expirience. Information effects expirience, personality effects information, and environment effects personality. By defining the latter of expirience we have a choice what to expirience. Expirience may be related to our most important prerogatives that we can influence if we act on these principles. I learned the vast array of personalities envionments, information, and expiriences that exist in the world are essential to the diverse identities of individuals. People do not know why they expirience the things they do the way they do, but through meta-cognitive paths, such as characteristics or devotions, open up. How we know what we know is elusive but it is seen in retrospect yet impossible to focus on. The less one under stand on how one understands the less one can see at any given time. Peace is the yearning call we hear at the back of our heads telling us our collective consciousness is all wrong. People will find criterion of their life experience as the defining factor of their world. Yet their expirience will be their world, while they lose ever increasingly their connections of the past. page 2 What We Know of ourselves Thus what we know or what we expirience is something that is overlooked and something that we have only so much control over. Earlier I said creation may lay its secrets within how our lives are shaped. Furthermore on the matter, is how we use our conscience when we ask ourselves meta-cognitive thoughts, or thoughts of thoughts. Now I assert I am one hundred percent positive limits of consciousness are not what they have you believe. I have by firsthand and secondhand expirienced the true limits of consciousness. Telepathy, visions, advanced voodoo, are all possible and a big part of the collective consciousness. So now I can present you with the bigger truth of this matter that effects us all, that is the constant manipulation of the human consciousness. People who don't feel comfortable under their own skin should not blame themselves, but should open their mind not to suffer but use their mind to find out where the source of the pain comes from. Magic now in this essay is accepted, but I intend to tell people the life they expirience has a certain criteria that without knowledge of it, it leaves the average human being defenseless. So then the human being is often left with the choice of chosing to make defenses which often are the exact cause of their problems to begin with. The human population is manipulated to make errors during life because we are born with blessed fortune and blamelessness. The devils of modern age go overlooked because they use the cloak of ignorance and empiricism. People suspect it less and thence become more susceptible to it by their lack of awareness. -ET 03-12-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: March 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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