What ya life like?

MC Twist Baugettez



Song: What Ya Life Like? By MC Twist Baugettez Chorus: What ya life like? This is mine, a grown man locked in a cage confined, I went through manhood in a prison, still got love for my Brothers that’s locked up sittin, All I can say is when you come home try to shine, I’m out here on the streets tryin to survive, sometimes I find myself fallin off track, -n- I almost find myself comin right back Verse 1: It’s about to be my year You lookin at a Brother already did 9 years inside of the pen -n- I’ll be damned if I ever go inside it again This place takes a lot from us Imagine lookin at the sky from a cage for 9 summers Mother gettin older, every time we on the phone She always ask "Boy when you coming home?" Walkin round the yard mad with my chest out Thinkin bout the streets really got me stressed out If I owed a dude it was "screw you" Did most of my time in the hole due to My attitude -n- behavior Counselors tellin me "You gettin too old to be acting like a teenager Verse 2: Growin up Mom was never home She loved me with all her heart, but had problems of her own I ran around with the have nots Learning how to survive in the school of the hard knocks I ran around doin dirt with a light skinned dude named [redacted] Now [redacted]’s locked up doin damned near a hundred -n- twenty It’s funny how I felt no one could tell me anything til I found myself locked in the damned bing Goin to parole gettin two-year slaps in the face It’s easy to get in but hard to get out this place -n- this ain’t just a rap song I got Brothers still locked up singin this sad song That got locked up when they kids was in the mother’s bellies Now them kids is grown men up in they mid-twenties

Author: MC Twist Baugettez

Author Location: California

Date: July 15, 2019

Genre: Lyrics

Extent: 2 pages

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