What you need to know about criminals

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



Willie Worley Jr. Polkton, N.C. What You Need to Know About Criminals To deceive the public, and misled citizens of this nation about how prisoners become locked in a match box "cell" for months or years at a time is troubling. In the state of North Carolina, you have 3 major classes of criminals. Common criminals, mental criminals, and criminals that are deemed domestic terrorist. I am going to explain to you the main reasons of why it is so hard for these prisoners to reform in the state of North Carolina. One is because of the fees they collect from prisoners misconduct. Let's clear that up first and foremost. Criminals behavior will consist of a little more descriptive writing. Domestic Terrorist The domestic terrorist is the no.1 contributor to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) entry into longterm lockup. Their abilities to act as agents in creating a dangerous environment is so high that the NCDPS prison administration workers make sure domestic terrorist are in every prison block in just about every prison in the state of North Carolina. Domestic terrorist recruit using scare and fear tactics on common criminals. Most of the prisoners recruited do so to avoid from suffering cuts, stabbings or possible even death. Most of these domestic terrorist are scared themselves, but adopt the attribute of being strong when carrying out attacks in numbers. These prisoners biggest fear is being victims themselves. So by avoiding being a victim, they install fear in other prisoners by assuring them that they will not be granted a fair fight, and the may suffer wounds from razors, homemade knives, or even may experience death. NCDPS administrators pretend like they are trying to prevent domestic attacks, but they are promoting these attacks on prisoners for various different reasons. The biggest threat to the prison system in North Carolina is not the prisoner, but the North Carolina Department of Public Safety's conditions of confinement. The ones that are trying to justify issues with taking razors are the ones orchestrating and setting the stage for more and more violence to occur. The NCDPS should have from the beginning, was create an environment for domestic terrorist when there were only 20 or 30. That number has turned into thousands. Instead of trying to contain this continuing problem, they kept mixing common criminals with domestic terrorist and the number is still growing. Common Criminals Prisoners that commit crimes as acts of self-defense, accidents or to feed their families and themselves are what is called common criminals. Although their chances of reform are at high risk due to the mixing and mingling of common criminals with domestic terrorist by NCDPS prison administrators. Prison administrators are not trying to stop a dangerous environment. They are trying to create one. Creating a dangerous environment is their goal. Mental Criminals Sex offenders, child molesters, prisoners with malform brains, can fall in the category of mental criminals. The have a very unique way of blending into the other 2 categories of criminals. NCDPS value these prisoners for one reason and one reason only. They are a source of information to whats going on. Especially sex offenders and child molesters. Mental criminals feel as though prison guards view them in ways that are below human life, so they will go to extremes to be treated like everyone else. They usually go to every church session, portraying the religious role. If they have a job assignment, they are usually hard workers. They are also one of the number one sources of prison guards information other than domestic terrorist that are looking for the easy way out of situations. They are very timid and very passive, as well as delusional. They only give information when asked or feel threatened by one of the other prisoners. All of these prisoners are pitted against one another by prison administrators. Prison administrators have two reasons for their actions. One is to create a dangers environment and collect $10.00 fees in the process. Two is to fill up longterm cells, and cause mental deterioration in the process. On Tuesday November 18, 2014 The Charlotte Observer printed a article titled "Lanesboro Officers Allowed Attacks." These prisoners are only a few from the many, but their story is the story of thousands. Prison administrators pretend to seek help, but continue to promote recruitment and domestic terrorism attacks. These prisoners story are many others also. The prisoners are not the problem. Not even the domestic terrorist. The blame falls on prisoner classification and conditions of confinement.

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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