Whats worser, the rat, or the pig?

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



What's Worser, The Rat, or The Pig? By: Honest Willie Worley Jr. Prison Intelligence Journalist Well, both of them are products of neurotic behavior. Both have a desire to be deceitful and dishonest to the degree of being disloyal to themselves as well as their fellow prisoners or prison workers. People have lost touch with the true meaning of the two words that gives the description of the Rat and the Pig. There are people that work at prisons that do what they suppose to do, and not what they want to do. Those who do what they want to do disturb the natural dynamics of prisoner's rehabilitation. They cause confusion within the prison system, making prisoners irrational thus creating a dangerous environment for the nation upon prisoners release. Let me give you the true nature of the coined names the Pig, and the Rat in hopes that you can distinguish the two on eyesight. The Rat Many people use the word "Rat" loosely in describing one's actions of being disloyal towards them. Once upon a time people who undermined those who were loyal to them by incriminating them could be considered a "Rat". No matter if he did this to save himself or out of down right hate. Now Rats have evolved into a fashion. They have manipulated any and all activities they have engaged in, on every field. Rats have implemented their ways and actions with ease in all walks of life. They will tell whatever they can whenever they can. Rats think the Pigs are their friends because they both share these qualities with on another. Their mission is to seek and destroy. They have no remorse for their lies, deceit, and dishonesty. As a young friends of mine Xavier Thompson described Rats' disloyalty as "Mouse Muzik". People will listen to something bad before they'll listen to something good. Rats' charm is always bad. The Pig The word Pig really don't have nothing to do we the person that is sworn to serve and protect. No matter if the individual does this in society or in an institution. It's the individual who aims to do more than his job. The individual that target whole races of people nationwide to harass, arrest, or to retaliate against for many and any reason. Pigs are lazy and don't want to do their job. they depend on Rats to lead them to what they seek. In prison settings Pigs got a saying.This saying assures the prisoner that he'll be back. If the prisoner did not come to prison, the pigs would not have a job. They cannot let this happen, Pigs devise patterns and practices that assure their jobs. This is why the Pig depends on the Rat. Other Information Prisoners are a dying breed, rats are taking over, as I stated earlier, Rats' behavior has become a fashion. No one wants to be called a rat but a lot of people want to tell shit.

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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