When I sit back and ponder

Jackson, Cedric D.



Dear Reader, January 30,2018 When I sit back and ponder on the everyday events that the private facilities keep out of the naked eyes view. It brings so much frustration and pain to me knowing that they are allowed to continuing to let it happen. Simply because they paint this beautiful picture of rehabilitation over the news channels and news papers, an in fact leave out the raw reality behind closed doors. With a system that covers all these faults and leaves only us to blame, where the fortunate are the only ones left to prevail and the less fortunate to endure. In a situation of such severity as incarceration, where authority figures have the upper hand on the "small guys", which is us. Knowing that the majority of the residents housed by them are 85% time servers, and have to receive two years of clear conduct to even think about clemency/ post conviction relief, parole, or simply having a case looked upon with conviction. this causes a domino effect of threatening misconduct reports for anything imaginable it seems. Rather it be expressing freedom of speech, hanging clothes to dry in your cell, or something as simple as forgetting to tuck your shirt before leaving your living area. Cases where employees intentionally begin to provoke residents into going into defense mode as any natural human being would , then blame results of the actions on the latter. Simply to invoke suffering on the resident and get some type of sick satisfaction of power and control on their behalf. A couple of similitudes of minor incidents that caused big issues without statement of names for my safety. During a morning of being housed in segregation unit, I awoke to a bunch of obscenities being yelled and door kicking by another peer. He was in rage after being deprived of a shower and an hour of recreation because he had a towel hanging up in his cell to dry after laundry had returned it moist. The officer simply passed his cell without inquiring him about showers and rec this after asking everyone else. My peer began to complain and after hearing the officers excuse, he explained the situation of the laundry. Still the officer refused him of his rights of a shower and rec. The resident screamed and kicked for help from a higher ranking officer and about his civil rights begin violated. The officer threatened him with using pepper spray if he didn't "shut up" and refused to call his superior. After several hours, a superior came on the unit and the resident talked to him. The officer was told to give him a shower. When he finally did, he grudgingly applied the handcuffs and escorted the resident to the shower explaining to my peer that he would be receiving a misconduct for disrespecting staff and attempted destruction of state property. Another similitude is that of an incident where one morning, I awoke to the screaming and kicking of another resident during breakfast feeding. A cell housing two peers were neglected of being served food. The officer simply passed the cell because their light was not working properly. This caused the result of more kicking and screaming for help from higher ranking authority or anyone else that would help them period. To their relief a sergeant officer just so happened to be doing security check a few hours later. Once the resident informed the sergeant about the officer refusing to fed them for the light not working properly and threatening them with misconducts for kicking the door and screaming obscenities at them for neglect of following protocol, the sergeant made the officer feed them. They still received misconducts for disrespecting staff and attempted destruction of state property, and for a good cause if you ask me. Simply to get fed. It all just puts you in the sense of the old saying, "being kicked while your down". Guilty and never innocent. That's always the motto in the private and D.O.C facilities. Simply because we are already incarcerated and criminal statistics. It seems that no matter the case, we are always in the wrong and the system, never anything but right. In times when a defendant is found guilty for any misconduct written on them solely because a officer wrote the report. An the Catch 22 is in order for a person to ask for help from higher authority we are charged a fee just to send the paperwork out, rather it be two dollars for D.O.C Administration for appeals or four hundred dollars for a civil rights law suit. It all goes back to the point that only the fortunate are left to prevail and the less fortunate to endure duress. Only if the naked eye could truly see the real issues behind closed doors. the stuff that doesn't go into the news parers and on the T.V. I am a living witness to the words that a camera can't pick up and the extra few minutes that it takes for the first response to arrive on the scene. The private and D.O.C facilities are no more than a gang itself in a sense, at least that's what it seems after witnessing the truth of how facilities are ran behind the scenes. these are only the tails of a few similitudes, minor incidents. To the compassionate and understanding readers, this is only the beginning of my eye opening revealments, so stay tuned......

Author: Jackson, Cedric D.

Author Location: No information

Date: January 30, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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