When logic meets the law

Dugger, Philip



Philip Dugger Tehachapi, CA November 30th 2016 Not only is there no need for greed, but it is disingenuous to an overall system. There is nothing in nature that is greedy, and survives. - Anonymous Greetings, It's been a short while since we corresponded, and I wanted to send you this piece: When Logic Meets The Law When the high school graduate, ready to leave his parents house and make a life for himself, said that he wanted to live naturally, in sync with the self-renewing system of the Earth, rather than against it, in his natural human habitat, not wanting to work for a person richer than he, not wanting to pay rent to a person richer than he, not wanting to have to buy gasoline, and consume tasteless, vitamin-deficient foods grown from genetically modified seeds, on factory farms, wrapped in plastic and brought to him in diesel trucks, the officer of the law said that there was no place for him to do that here. But what about right here, said the graduate. This is State land, said the officer. But how can you have a State with no people? Or is it just for SOME people?, asked the graduate. I don't reason the law, I just uphold it, said the officer. What about over there?, asked the graduate, pointing to the north. That's owned by Georgia-Pacific, said the officer. What about way over there? Who owns that land?, asked the graduate, pointing to a distant grassland to the east. That's Federal land, said the officer. I learned in school that this was "a government of, by, and for the people", how is it that the government can open up government land for drilling and mining companies, but not for people to live on?, asked the graduate. That's just the way it is, replied the officer of the law, and if you persist in your trying to live naturally, you may soon find yourself sitting in a prison cell, as a habitual criminal. Sincerely, Philip Duggar

Author: Dugger, Philip

Author Location: California

Date: April 21, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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