When the smoke clears

Mostella, Quinton



The Promise land requires you to forsake your comfort to attain your destiny!! As I continue to strive in this perpetual struggle, despite the opposition and indifference I face, I continue to seek the promise from the hand of provision. However, my undeniable faith in Christ gives me courage to face the uncertainties of the future. It will give my tired feet new strength as I continue forward toward the city of freedom. I must admit there are days where my mind becomes weary from the travel that seems to never end. Daily discipline, studying the Word of God, helps me navigate the world of the lost. Not having the Word of God is like a blind man traveling a dark road, trying to find his way back home, but finds himself everywhere but his destination. My current situation raised a man from a boy. I was blinded by the apparrel of the world, now in contrast, a man in love with the gifts of the Spirit. I never knew this life existed until I left the apartment of the prince to live in the mansion with the king. I'm astonished at times, after permitting the Spirit of God access into my soul, transforming me into a new being. Gazing out my window, I see the semblance of freedom through the hard wire entangled by time and the broken justice system, sitting on the shoulders of Jim Crow rather than the Constitution and moral principles America so prides herself on. Now that I'm passionately running toward my purpose, somehow I still smell the smoke from my past. Nevertheless, the smoke is a reminder of what I used to do and used to be, I was opposed to the light which now illuminates who I am. I am now maximizing my potential for who I was created to be. Title: "When the Smoke Clears"

Author: Mostella, Quinton

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: March 3, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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