Where does the R. Kelly’s of the world belong?

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



"Where Does the R. Kelly's of the World Belong?" by R.... A..... Jr. May 9, 2019 High Desert State Prison Robert Kelly AKA (R) Kelly. To me, he's the king of R and B and only 2nd to the late great Michael Jackson. The King of Pop. R.Kelly has given us multiple decades of masterful performances and tours. And this man's writing talent and voice has made him an icon! He's a musical genius as Michael was and hundreds of millions of fans will agree with him in this world. We've celebrated, praised his work, even in church and took him into our hearts like family. R. Kelly is loved no doubt about it and now, he's allowed a flaw in his character to corrupt his existence like a dictator. But when it comes to family, you can't just turn off your love and support for them. Human beings aren't wired like that. And we can't allow ourselves to be so disappointed in someone that we cut them off from the world. That will clearly lead to Robert Kelly committing suicide if he's incarcerated. Robert is emotionally too weak of a human being to be caged up and not go insane. Beyond four concrete walls we will lose R. Kelly to suicide. He will perish like the latest fashion. Are we good with sentencing a man to his death? All because he mentally and physically has preyed on young women? Yes, he's preyed on young women for decades but all of his victims are strong women today, and most importantly, they are alive. His bad deed/or sin didn't destroy them. Too many young women across the globe have simply vanished and turned up deceased. So I ask again. Are we good with sending a man to his death? Me, myself personally am not signing off on no man/or woman's death. That's the man upstairs job, and him and only he will decide who lives or dies... If he or she meets eternal fire, I'm far from being God, but I work God-damn hard. Working hard at being the best i can possibly be so that I'm able to embrace those in my life with love, honesty, and unconditional support. R. Kelly is clearly wrong. He knows it as the world knows it and will have to live with that for the rest of his natural life. And they say, karma is a bitch, in a mini-skirt or business suit and a lot of pain knocking at your door. So Robert will perish on his own. #muteR.Kelly is powerful enough to strip him of his career and finances to fund his inappropriate behavior as a human being on this earth. You want on prey on young women, then we will pray and pray for you, Robert. Be yourself. Wear the truth like a badge of honor and understand that you are a man Robert, who needs help. Own up to who you are and set yourself emotionally free or rot to a grave in less than ten years. Go to therapy, adult classes and whatever you must do to get yourself right with God before it's too late, 'cause they say, God always forgives. We are all his children. So as long as you are right with God, you're going to be alright. Just remember Robert, if you are not right with God, God doesn't like ugly. Which possibly means that you will not be accepted into his kingdom in Heaven. There's a reason for the existing Heaven and Hell... I don't want to be down in Hell/or stuck between. I want to enter Heaven without a spoken word. Just simply a nod from God, telling me that I lived an honorable life, with the one life he gave to me on earth. So Ima pray for you Robert and hope that you seek and receive the help and support you need. That's of course coming from a man of God...

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: May 9, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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