Where’s my mail

Richter, Robert



Where's My Mail? Robert Johan Richter Who is stealing my mail? This spring, I published some essays on APWA about rampant PREA violations here at Orleans CF. "More Criming' got published, but what happened to "#ME Too?" and "What Cuomo Did"? I mailed copies to both APWA and Governor Cuomo. On July 3, 2018, I got called down to the Tier Office, where Captain Raczkowski angrily confronted me with these and other writings, asking if I had sent them to Cuomo. What's going on Here? Is Cuomo sending my complaints to the very people I'm complaining about, so they can target me for retaliation? Are prison officials stealing my outgoing mail (again), or my incoming mail from APWA? The prison administration has made it abundantly clear that they don't want me, or any inmate, to publish anything at all. They stole my money, fifty dollars sent by a friend, then sent it back claiming that it was payment for a comic book. I filed a grievance, ORL-24136-18, about the Superintendent not letting me get a letter from Peter Beckary, who is supposed to be publishing a book I wrote. The decision says that I was advised of the facility rules for conducting personal "business", and that I have failed to comply with these rules. This is absolutely true. I have been told that I can't publish anything, especially on the internet, can't earn money from anything I do in prison, and can't receive any money at all. I'm not the only victim here. Khan, who I know from years ago, eventually gave up on trying to get money from the street and "pulled a stunt", refused to go to work in the Mess Hall. He was written up, sent to the box, and eventually sent to another prison. Another inmate, Love, was called out to the Draft Trailer and told the same lies: No publishing, earning or even entering writing contests. He gave up, took the coward's way out. Just quit. Not Me. I will fight to the end. The law is absolutely clear. Prisoners can write and publish anything they want, and get paid for it, with only two restrictions. Prison officials can censor writings that threaten the safety and security INSIDE the prison, or break some law. Crime victims can recover money from convicted criminals. That's it. Prison officials are conspiring to deprive me of my Federally protected Constitutional rights: Free expression, due process, petitioning for redress of grievances, and freedom of religion. This last right is the root of the problem. It is illegal for any government in the United States to promote or punish any specific religion, but that is exactly what is happening in my case. The "science" of physics is not based on facts and logic, it is based on incorrect assumptions and blind following. The Supreme Court has ruled that religion can't be taught in public schools, not even when it is disguised as science (eg Creation Science). So I filed a new grievance about the unwritten rules here. The Superintendent isn't going to say "You can't publish." in writing, just have one person after another say so verbally. The law is clear: Prison rules must be in writing. What rules did I break? I didn't get a ticket. Where's the Counsel and Reprimand form? Nope, the games goes on lie to me, steal my mail, send my money back where it came. I have a new trick. Since I supposedly can't earn money from what I write in prison, I sold Pete the rights to everything I wrote before April 1993. This is a deal for him, since those writings, like pretty much everything associated with me, will be very valuable. Watch what happens next. I'm betting that Crowley finds some excuse to deny me that money by again claiming that it is business related. This is a deliberate misapplication of the DOCCS Directive that prohibits inmates from "running a business". It's not about business, not mine anyway. DOCCS officials don't want prisoners to succeed. They particularly don't want me to challenge this country's illegal official religion, Judaeo-Christian physics. You don't think it's a religion? Really? Who has more facts, me today or James Maxwell in 1863? Cuomo, Annucci, and Crowley don't wany ANY prisoner to achieve any kind of success. A famous prisoner can draw attention to the rampant crime and corruption, the documented federal felonies, like DOCCS officials telling me in writing that I can't report crimes to the FBI, or even answer a letter from them. So I'm making three copies of this, one to the APWA, one to the US Attorney's office, one to someone else. Let's see which ones arrive. You would think that a multi-billion dollar fraud would draw some attention, just like Bernie Madoff's did. Oh, right, it took years for that to happen. Read my works on the Prisons Foundation and Prisoner Express sites to see why DOCCS hates me so much. They don't want me to publish another "Death Comix"!

Author: Richter, Robert

Author Location: New York

Date: December 16, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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