While incarcerated in the MO

Swaffar, Gregory



NO TITLE While incarcerated in the MO. D.O.C. I was raped within the 1st 6 months of doing my time. I chose to keep silent until I transferred to another facility where I "seemed to have more support" and felt safer. As it turned out those that I once thought supported me began hating on me for "telling on someone" and referred to me as a boy, baby, bitch, and rat. These are terms used in prison to refer to those who voluntarily engage in sexual acts, or are being criticized and ran down for reporting abuse. I then began encountering a sticky substance on my toothbrush, in my toothpaste, on soda cans, in my bowls and food and applied to my clothes and bedding. It took me years to find out it was floor wax and out of retaliation from my attacker who had enough ties with the gang family values to cause every cellmate I had to spray floor wax and chemicals on my stuff to harm and kill me or else get out of the way so they could get someone else to do it. I was kicked out of treatments for "appearing to be the problem" stripped of my sigma status for "not answering a P.C. question correctly and having to defend myself one time in the 2 years I was a sigma and receiving a conduct violation for it." I had a false P.R.E.A. filed on me by cellmates, I had cellmates report me for being "unstable", "paranoid", etc. And had staff put multiple recommendations in for me to see mental health causing me to be forced to be stripped of all my clothes and put on close observation for a few days. I sustained a string of medical issues chemical burns, blisters, bursted blood vessels, violent sickness, dehydration and hardened stools and staff pretended to be helpless.

Author: Swaffar, Gregory

Author Location: Missouri

Date: June 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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