Whistle blower targeted

Smith, John D.



"WHISTLE BLOWER TARGETED" I am 46 years old with NO criminal history. I have been involved in public/private law enforcement (L.E.) for over 20 years. In May 2008, I testified to a Federal grand jury about "Police and Political" corruption which resulted in two Federal indictments. Over two dozen officers were investigated with some being suspended and/or terminated. I was NOT involved in the corruption and NOT the target of the Federal investigation. I performed this Serpico act because...right is right and wrong is wrong ...no matter who you are. Because of my testimony I was immediately ostracized by local L.E. I was targeted, harassed, a victim of an arson, death threats, a break-in/theft at my home, two attempts on my life, and a false arrest/illegal search which resulted in a Federal lawsuit. In mid to late 2010, an entire crime was manufactured and completely controlled by local L.E. for the sole purpose of targeting me; although I had no previous connection to the crime. I was induced into participating in a situation I had no predisposition or ability to be involved in. Local L.E. used my best friend; a man that was like my brother. He spent months manipulating and inducing me. Finally after months of relentless persuasion I was to provide security for a supposed drug courier, "Danny" (ATF). Here is a recap of their "STING" 1. L.E. (Danny) bought drugs (actually pancake mix) from a 2nd group of L.E. (Mexican Cartel). 2. L.E. (Mexican Cartel) sold and delivered the pancake mix to L. E. (Danny) 3. L.E. created, controlled and planned every element of the crime. (Manufacturing the need for my back-up thus creating the conspiracy. Manufacturing how dangerous the situation was thus the need for weapons). 4. L.E. maintained physical possession of the pancake mix the entire time. (I had no monetary interest or input over direction or distribution of their pancake mix. I never even exited the vehicle). 5. L.E. (Danny) then distributed the pancake mix to a 3rd group of L.E. (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept.) For my very minimal role in their manufactured crime I have received a very real 40 year Federal prison sentence. While YOU, the tax payer, receives an invoice for over $1.2 million (current projected cost to incarcerate me for 40 years). Yet, no drugs were taken off the streets, not one drug user nor dealer busted nor any cartels discovered in this sting. I plead NOT GUILTY and went to trial. WHY ? Because what they have done to me is unconstitutional, violates my right to due process and is a miscarriage of justice. It should NOT be allowed.

Author: Smith, John D.

Author Location: Alabama

Date: 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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