Who gave my life to those who called me enemy and not friend

Whitecell, Davy



From: [redacted] who gave me My life to those who called me Enemy and not friend! - crazy Davy Whitecell 1 An old letter to a friend written in 2017 at Donavan State Prison after he wrote me a letter one day as if he was practicing his NEW learned theologist PHD on me. After receiving a Bible Study Certificate I was unable to ever get it to him so this is to Brother [redacted] ex-CRIP GANG MEMBER. [redacted] you say claiming the promise deliverance provides evidence of Faith Right Gal (5:22) one of these claims right is love, Jesus said love thy neighbor as they self as well as in 1 Corinthians 13 to abide in faith, hope and love that is the capstone of our christian love that love is the greatest but your in error because you say you hate sin. That person who is saved and you go on to say Loves others who are christians but that is not true if you just go back to kiss keep it simple stupid. So if the sinned needs help and isn't a christian you will not seek peace with them or love him cause he's not you neighbor? or a christian and living in sin so by us denying a unbeliever or any other human beings we judge Him as unworthy because he don't profess the John 3:16 claim thats wrong and a 1/2 truth and what gets us like you were saying to me the other day Its not in line with scripture, 1 corinthians 15:33:34 Do not be deceived EVIL company corrupts good habits awake to righteousness and do not sin for some do not have the knowledge of god I speak this to your shame! Paul warned the Corinthians to stay away from those who teach false doctrine our final victory 1 corinthians 15: 51 behold I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed. John the baptist baptized with water when christ comes his baptism is with fire god is a all consuming fire hebrews 12:29 His nature is transformation for us to become that new creation he offers this gift to everyone who comes to him not just the christians who like the jews that didn't believe the first time he came they missed the happening cause they didn't believe him that he was the messiah because they were worldly thinkers DO NOT LEAN ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING WORLDLY wisdom 2 For we walk by "faith" not by "sight" 2 corinthians 5:7 so if were in the walk of faith we know faith is things hoped for but not seen spiritual things or gifts from God the righteousness of God is his gift of us of salvation and all the promises in the Holy Bible. We already know the truth because christ died for us on the cross its our daily duty to die out to sin and repent for if we even hate our brother its just like murder sin is sin but were not perfect were trying to be that is obedience righteousness a characteristic that can only be attributed to God declaring believes righteous, but it also refers to perfect righteousness a characteristic that can only be attributed to God himself in scripture cause we know that all scripture is given by God 2 Tim 3-16-17 so we can beat ourselves up back and forth this and that scripture says this and means that so on and so on always searching and reading the scripture and never know christ and the cause we missed his happening while we were doing our will and not his that continually trying to be right in our own eyes only drives people from us, if our faith isn't genuine people will reject it even God, because we know that man is evil there is not one good thing in him. So DAVID with his eyes beginning to open wrote the awesome psalm 51 and saw his iniquity was a birth present From his Mother and Father who inherited the sin of Adam and Eve so we are born in sin We do not become sinners our very substance is iniquity, so why do we insist on saving our own lives when we know all this Psalms 51:52 Samuel 22:6, Jonah 2:2 proverbs 2:14, psalms 116:3 Romans 12:1,2 is perhaps one of the most descriptive scriptures that tells us what must happen to us if we are to abide in heaven WE MUST transform to get out of the evil world in which we are Born. 3 That awesome word transformed is the same word used to change a worm into a butterfly there is no escape from hell except the cross no flying away out of here No suicide no being so religiously good nobody can stand us we are all stuck with the big "C" word called change and that is not changing our manners our addictions our attitude it is getting a new life a new blood line. Then and only then can we be in the world and not of it like the butterfly is in the same world as the worm but not of it only then will we have completed our journey. Trying to escape the cross with all the false doctrines like flying away when the going gets tough is the mentality of an "imbecile" 'COWARD" a "LOSER" and makes Christs coming of no avail. Let us as "BRAVE" SOJOURNERS bear our cross yield to the change and not our own understanding the lord is faithful to accomplish what he started. Let us pray we seek first the kingdom of God instead of running after the things He will add to us if we relinquish our all, those who have found that there is no greater lore than to lay down one's life for another I say this to you because I want you to understand my gifts that god has giving me my talents my calling and why Im here the Kingdom of god does not come by observation for the kingdom is within you the CHARLATANS are making tons of money off the ignorance of the christians an ignorance that will cost them their soul, movies books written TV fairy tales are all ear tickling fiction and are weaving the web of deceit tighter and tighter, accept Christ and not only are you saved but you will become a better person and that is a Evangelist myth! Matthew 24 I will bat you a nickel theres not a christian that knows what that scripture means, The Kingdom of God is a mystery 4 and is revealed only to those who seek and are willing to give up their life, we choose to Become new or born again with christ so you should know you lose everything to follow christ down to zero and then you pick up your cross and follow him you don't need a PHD in theology or seminary school to prove your able to spread the gospel the disciples didn't have any, a piece of paper to say you completed a corse is just worldly and not of god the christian leaders and therefore the churches lie dead like a big blob of "dung" a stench to the lords nostrils they love their proud titles of their graveyard Lutheran, Calvary chapel catholic vineyard and on and on, all disunified an not even aware that perhaps the lord is grieved and is going to another people who know Him not like the sinners that died with christ the criminals, the harlots, the tax collector, etc, Its like the choise papers you list all these things war etc, and that is the least of my worry I rejoice in that Madness and insanity the world as we know it is ending the (age) 1,000 years remember millennium is over thats the end of the system of things ending and regenerating but the so called (Religious teachers) want to preach a false gospel about a rapture and armageddon etc with T.V. fairly tales well let christ come brother he has!!! Thats why I don want to to be sad cause you want to share all this information with people but theres no response show them god in you through your works, cause we know that pointing out there faults or trying to show them how to live isn't real, real is the prisoner's seeing christ in you the light in you by your actions god love's a giver go to the store or package and you got stuff on your shelf and someone is in need and he tells you but you could help him but you don't 5 thats greed in you heart just for a example not that you would do that Acts 2:44-47 pouring out and showing love to others we don't need to bombarded people with scripture and commandments and judgements, we are called as the first born family of God the father as peacemakers Matthew 5:9 blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the "Sons of god" to sow for when we sow peace we reap righteousness James 3:18, and Im getting tired so Im going to close this letter to you and tell you that we have to have our house in order before we can correct some one else's Remember proverbs 28:5 evil men don't understand justice but those who SEEK THE LORD understand all. To be able to say the right things at the right time is an art. I am a artist. Now here we go Remember there are no failures in like just chapters of learning. Prisoner #[redacted] [redacted]-YARD-[redacted] Block cell #[redacted] !GOD FIRST! Country corps HARD CORP "The beloved one" David Your brother in christ Patriot guards U.S AMRY AIRBORNE [redacted] United States Navy Seal Team [redacted] United States Marine Corp. [redacted] United States Coast gaurd J.I.A.T.F.W. [redacted] Joint inter agency Task force [redacted] Air ground combat center [redacted] [redacted] anti Terrorist Task Force once a Marine always a Marine Sea Dogs S.D To Alk S.M.C Scavenger's Marine Corp if you Never Heard of us then we are doing our job United Nations peacekeepers, the first [redacted] LIFEGAURDS RULE [redacted] 2017 (c) What happens here in Donovan is new's to the world from Costa Mesa all of California prison system to the nation to the world for a new nation of Gods people David 6 I may be rich I may be poor I never know from one day to the other, all I ever ask for in life is my daily bread, and god provides and blesses me everyday because I love everything even those who can't love themselfs, god sends you flowers everyday and a sunrise every morning Im grateful for every thing from the time I awake I think god for my nostrails for me to be able to take that first breath of mornin air and the joy that cometh in the morning my grandmother who you were so quick to condemn because I said she cussed like a sailor I am the Davy who is in the Navy and probley will be for life "just like the song goe's" stay tuned 102.10k-love MHz airwaves we will all be changed just be glad when you see everyone confused and wondering what next we can't teach god's mystery only revile it to other's by our conduct It says in Hebrew's that we have to submit to the authority that rules over us for they guard our soul's who must give report of there treatment of us so to not do so would be unprofitable for us. So don't worry about all these fool's and these folly cause in the Dictionary a fool is insane person. We are in a "snake pit" that means an mental health FAC

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: November 7, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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