Who is innocent?

Garner, Curtis



Curtis Garner Pennsylvania Who is innocent? 1-14-15 Monday "Beware the gradual and silent erosion of rights of the people by those in power." These words were spoken by the author of our constitution. The rights of the accused are to protect the rights of all citizens, regardless if they have a record of criminal history. In circumventing these rights via this "detainer" policy, any person arressted is essentially re-convicted upon arrest for crimes they already did time for. Pre-trial detention of individuals who are on probation for non-violent crimes predisposes them to appearance of guilt, even to themselves, as they sit in jail being effectively held hostage. Furthermore, these policies unjustly increase the power of police to influence the outcome of trial, as most of their job is done prior to, while placing defendants at a distinct and unjust disadvantage both circumstantially and in the eyes of the law. A police state has evolved in America: cops murder people on national television and walk away scott-free. This is not a new occurence, just newly recorded via our "instant information" age. There is a specific group targeted by rogue cops and judicial reduction of due process has jeapordized their freedom, their safety, their very survival. Just because someone is in jail doesn't mean they are guilty of a crime; but they sure as hell don't look like an angel with that prison jumpsuit on. For those with a criminal history, the episode never ends as far as the police are concerned. The public perception is criminals deserve what they get: "If you dont want to go to jail, don't break the law." Sometimes we don't have to. Contact with police is considered illegal and, lest we change our identity, that contact has been indelibly established. Currently, the police have a record of misconduct in the public eye. This will dissapate and, if history is any indication, be quickly "expunged" from their record. If only the police would extend that same courtesy to ex-offenders. - Curtis Garner -Semper Fidelis-

Author: Garner, Curtis

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: October 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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