Barstad, James Benjamin



Who Today, you are faceless, but still I know you! you have inhabited many forms, all with different monikers, but you are still the same WHO, We have met on this battlefield many time in the past . I am sure that we will meet again. I know you, your name is Abuse of Authority. You seek positions where you can have some sense of control over others. It eases your pain of having no control over yourself. We find you in the church, the government, in law enforcement, and in every place that innocent, yet weak-willed personalities congregate. You thrive on their oppression and the frustration that you cause them. You love to steal the innocence of youth. You might think that it helps you regain your own lost youth. You might think that it will enable you to prosper and reproduce. Fear and intimidation are your weapons of choice. Too bad, because that is also a source of your weakness. You prefer to wear a badge of some sort, some symbol of stolen authority. You hide behind the truth, the real authority which the badge, title, and vestment represents. You break the very rules, law, regulations, and mores you purport to uphold. You are the worst type of criminal, because you consider yourself above the law. You prefer to work in secret, with plenty of firewall protection between you and your victims, at least in the beginning. Eventually, however, you come in close and personal. You are the rapist, the robber, the child molester, the slum lord, the drug pusher, the pimp, the punishment inflictor. You are a vile creature and worthy of death. As a corrections officer, you make bets on extremely one-sided inmate fights that you set up. You force yourself on the men and women in your charge, physically and emotionally. You make up the rules as you go along, arbitrarily and capriciously. You know that your fellow officers will back you up and cover for you, at least to a certain extent. You disrespect inmates, and the instant they talk back to you, you call for reinforcement. You are afraid to stand one-on-one, face-to-face. You are a Blue Supremacist, deriving strength from large numbers, groups of like-minded vessels you have possessed. Your reasoning is flawed. You would like to punish everyone, lock them up and bury them, but don't have the foresight to realize you are in your own prison. You would have liked to have been a real policeman, but you could not pass the physical exam, or the aptitude test. Or, a look into your psyche has exposed your tendencies towards sociopathy, psychopathy, and sexual deviance, don't worry, these traits are encouraged in your chosen profession. You feed off others' pain, but you are over-sensitive to your own . You need to always have the last word. When your intelligence is insulted, you resort to fear and intimidation, or physical violence. Again, this is another weakness. you were beaten, abused, taunted, and bullied as a child, and now you have become the bully abuser. The worst part? You think there is nothing wrong with your thoughts and actions. It is part of the culture you create, where you actually believe that might is right, that you have all the answers. I used to hate you, and then I pitied you . I have since learned the truth and I KNOW you. Now, I am the Exorcist! "To name is to know; to know is to control." (Rule number one of exorcism). Rule number two: Do not retain relationships with people you love. They are the only weakness a demon can use against you. Well, now, you have taken care of that part for me! How less than pitiful you have become! Rule number three: No fear. I do not fear you in the least, because I know and understand you. You think you are smarter than me, along with your victims, but you are too predictable. You trip over your own feet jumping into my traps! The more you act, the more power you give to your victor, Me! Rule number four: Do not engage in communication with the demon. This is our last communication. Rule number five: Demons must flee. You have no power over me . Your time is limited. Rule number six: Do not stop until the exorcism is complete. It is time, once again, for you to go. I will continue to cast thee out, until my own death, and then I will continue casting thee! Get thee behind me, Satan. Return to you abyss, once again!

Author: Barstad, James Benjamin

Author Location: Washington

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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