Who’s delusional about whether I’m innocent or guilty?




Re: Who's delusional about whether Im innocent or guilty? I grew up in the Bronx, NY, and even visited family out of state in poor neighborhoods. My mother was a Jehovah Witness and did not raise me how I seen many of my peers mother's raised them. When my friends was bullied by others even out in Virginia, that mothers be out in the streets with them. The bully's mother gave her son a knife, my friend's aunt gave my friend a knife. If wasn't for his aunt having his back, in a no back down manner, and handing him a knife my friend would have got cut and or stabbed. The situation ended with no further incident that caused the bully to back out. He was fighting over nothing. People in the hood get jealous or feel threaten the ladies are giving us attention cause we are new faces from New York. My friend cousin from Virginia was about to fight because the boys in the neighborhood was sexing his sister. He was arguing with his sister about all the boys she had sex with. It was a very long list of boys. I had to learn in the streets how sticks and stones will break my bones. The District Attorney who prosecuted my case called me a mad man. Her name is Darcel Clark, she is the DA in the Bronx, she is worst than KKK, by blindly putting people in prison, without asking why. You have a white women who told me a women can date who she want to, as far as a white correction officer who beat up, kill, and frame black men. I said, officials beat me up and set me up with a weapon and go home and make love to his wife. Women treated me like nothing. That makes me feel inadequately gay. She said a woman can love who she want. Well they are talking about sexual harassment. Just imagine how it was in the 1900s when women could not own property or vote. I seen women who husbands and boyfriends punch them so hard in their face, a said as a twelve year old I could not withstand that punch. However, I did not understand it but I never dismissed it like well a woman can date who they want to date. I am an innocent decent person because women did not give me any dates, love etc. Also the way domination, monopoly, and power, and abuse goes, even in religion gangs etc if you don't stop it it multiply. I know how it is to be outnumbered, its like slavery. On Rikers Island inmates did not give gang banger a chance to grow. They run them out the house fast. They say "You can't live in this housing unit 'Don't even drag your bags in." If inmate multiply they will gang up, and run the house. That means run your sneakers, your clothes, watch, don't touch the phone, TV, run your breakfast in the morning, run your commissary if they gay they will make a man their sex thing. Also protective custody is no safe haven. Trust me the same people you see on the way up you see on the way down. Words spread all over the state from prison to prison, and even outside the walls. The government is terrorist in my eyes, and is evil to oppress people in a cold world. Because if you get the brother out the picture, out in Virginia, then the boys in the hood will have their way with his sister, and niece, and children. Your outnumbered in a jungle. I am a very disappointed man. She said a mad man. I was abused as a child. Now in prison I was an unprotected victim of robbery and a planned knife attack. I received 2 to 4 year extra, and hit at the parole repeatedly with 2 extra years, while serving that time I continued to be abused and victimized, harassed, and bullied. On top of that when I was home, I was bullied, oppressed, neglected, disrespected and abused, rejected etc to the point I became emotionally disturbed and snapped and killed. On top of it all is 1. there is no place to run and hide ie protective custody is only for a few months 2. being labeled a rat or snitch is like having a red dot on your head, like the mark of the beast. Also the prisoner hand you your food. 3. Prisoner who are going home in 1 to 8 months extort you, bully you, and rob you and gang bang against you, while if you get into a fight or trouble the parole board will keep extending your time by 24 month every 2 years. Its a grimy competitive world even with the women. Women don't want a weak man who is out numbered by gangsters. Me I am a diabetic, from being inactive, in a cell with brown water coming out of the tap. So my chance with women is outnumbered by many things. That's a painful emotional subject, which I have drop it cold turkey. I am respectful towards women. However I don't want no children anymore, nor any relationship. I don't want to be around women. I am not gay. Men are grimy, and I am being held down while I get beat up by bullies. I don't even want to talk to women. Life is too short to be playing games. The government and people oppress you, hold you back, sabotage you, and when you do overcome and break through they rob you and hurt or kill you for your possessions. Also I am around haters, snakes, and gangsters who call you a rat and a snitch. While they snitch and cry to police. The government kick you down. The 4th reason is an inmate will cut stab, start trouble to extort and rob me and others, and if you hurt him and protect yourself you can get a new charge. There was bullies who got caught with weapons, and people and did not get a new charge. Furthermore, the women staff give bullies conversation, and things. The same guy who bullied me, the officers at Comstock Great Meadow allowed the inmate to walk around, he started a fight. He extorted other inmates here. He borrowed and didn't pay back. He is in the groups kicking it to the intern lady. I went to get the Scrabble game and the officer said "Where are you going, this is why your always in trouble." The lady at Sullivan was talking to a bully inmate who extorted and assaulted inmates. I don't want to even be around females.

Author: Prince

Author Location: New York

Date: October 10, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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