Why African American should vote

Harris, Dewayne L.



'Why African American should vote as citizens living in America, voting is the only African American individual power guaranteed to us by the constitution of the United States. Every decision that governs African American lives was decided from a single individual vote. This is why voting is so essential, because it changes our way of life. When an African American individual says "I do not vote," he is really saying, I don't care who governs my life. My family and the African American community in which I live." By saying that he has stripped himself of a constitutional right to bring about a real change. Now, we have to live under a decision made by someone else does not have African American people, our family or our community at best interest. Do you know that many African American and some Caucasians were murdered and persecuted so that those of African descent here can have the opportunity to vote? It states in the Constitution: the right of citizens of North America to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the U.S. or by any state on account of race, color, sex, eighteen years of age or older or previous - conditions of servitude." The United States has the largest prison incarceration in the world and the majority of those prisoners are of African American or other minority descent. Many of us are directly or indirectly affected by this warehousing of our young black men and women in these modern day slave concentration camps. There are right wing conservatives who built their political career by presenting legislation that made it mandatory to target African American people of color and the poor. The only way that we can stop legislators from getting laws passed to oppress us is to vote. The political system in the US is designed to give citizens the chance to exercise authority over government and to participate in the process by holding public offices. We must be vigilant about who are putting in office because there are individuals who have their own motives and personal agendas with no interest in their constituent. If an elected official fails in his or her obligation to serve the community that person can be voted out just like that person was voted in. Many African American individuals complain about the performance of politician, but these are usually the same African American individuals that don't bother to vote. The only way that we can be a voice in this land is if we bring together our economic and political resources and unite as a force. Power concedes nothing without a demand and a demand is only as good as the force which back it. The condition of a people without change until they first make an effort to change it themselves. Because nobody will do as much for you as you can do for ourselves as African American people. Minister Khalil Muhammad Mr. Harris [ID] Stafford Creek Corr Center 191 Constantine Way, Aberdeen WA 98520

Author: Harris, Dewayne L.

Author Location: Washington

Date: July 2, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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