Why do we judge? Is it fair

Jenkins, Raymond



07-03-2020 "Why Do We Judge? Is it Fair." This story is about DUI against 290 Registry. In the publics eyes; Is a 290 registered person "more dangerous only" then other persons convicted by all other crimes? Statistically a person convicted with a DUI more then once' is supposed to be more "dangerous" then a person who is 290 registered. Here are reasons why a person for the first time that has to register 'that has not committed a violent crime against an underage person - by force or death, on the other hand a convicted DUI violator that has ben charged of killing or hurting a child and or casualties," then how is it that a person who is registered is "more dangerous" then a person who is driving under the influence of a controlled substance"? Why is the law more intense with registered persons' compared to a convicted DUI person'?, There is absalutly no grey room' its strictly black and white' and its unjust,' its easier for the DUI person to get released to fight the persons case', then an alleged 290 person with a high bail then in most cases will not be considered an O.R. by court, that can be facing 15 years to life just to start. Att Jailhouse Lawyers With all respects - Mr. Raymond Jenkins W.V.D.C. 9500 Etiwanda Ave. Rancho Cucamonga CA. 91739

Author: Jenkins, Raymond

Author Location: California

Date: July 3, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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