Why is my life not worth saving

McAfee, Michael, Sr.



Why Is My Life Not Worth Saving? By Michael McAfee Sr. Where do I begin and how could this be that I'm in prison and no longer free. They have taken away my freedom and my dignity too and what they have done to me they can do to you too. I have been accused of a feat so bad that there are those that are judging me but don't know the truth. I spoke against myself of fear by the police who forced me to speak lies to convict me of a crime I didn't commit. The state had evidence of someone else at the scene yet I was arrested and beaten like an animal and given a sentence of life without a chance of ever being free when for 54 yrs I had never been accused of a crime or ever charged. Though the state found someone else's finger prints and after swabbing me for DNA they never revealed whom DNA they found. They said the defendant had a gun but never was there a witness that ever even seen defendant with one. The world has become so violent and the police is leading the way all you have to do is turn on the news you hear it every day. I watched police choke Eric Garner to death on television and watched them shoot an unarmed man with hand cuffs on. I have driven a truck (tractor trailer operator) for 30 yrs and at the time of my arrest I was working at UPS [United Parcel Service) one of highest paying companies in the world when it comes to driving a truck. If the shoes was on the other feet and I was white would it have been so easy to convict me? I'm still standing and fighting for my rights as an American citizen. I was compelled to be a witness against myself is totally unlawful. I miss my family I don't have Jay-Z to help me with my legal case like Danny Glover did for Reginald Clemons who also was forced to say something he didn't do. The American society which we live in has a communist judicial system when it comes to the rights of the citizen especially if they don't have a seven figure income. I was making six figures, but didn't have the established credentials to show my stability as some of the other well established citizens while working my job with UPS. I lay awake at night and hold my pillow tight and though we're separated I still miss my wife of 30 yrs even though we were separated for 9 yrs I still love her. I'm no monster and killing is not my bag I'm a lover not a fighter which is an old cliche. Listen I can say I didn't do it but you have to look at the facts I had dinner with my ex and she is the one who asked me to come to her cousins house. My wife is still living so why would I hurt a woman period but I wasn't even married to the lady so how would it benefit me to harm her. The story has many twists and turns but most of all after I was interrogated by police I was in a cell by my self so how did I get so beat up? I guess I beat myself up? You do the math. There is no physical evidence that the man committed the murder. Plus I left clues like the rag I said she used to wipe it off (the weapon) they found no such rag. The police said out of his own mouth that the accused didn't know what kind of weapon the lady was killed with and then he tried to cover it up. The officer put my name on top of the statement and his partner tried to make me say I shot the lady and the officer that put my name on top of the statement said it sound like a crime of passion but I don't remember sound like first degree murder. And because I said what happen in the interrogation room I was sentenced to a life without. Sound like conspiracy to me because they tried everything to make me say something against myself. I hope that some day they stop persecuting me and look for the real culprit until then I will continue to fight for my freedom even though I haven't the funds to hire a good street attorney I keep fighting even with a public defender, but we all know they work for the state that's why I'm in prison. Please keep me in your prayers. By Michael McAfee Sr.

Author: McAfee, Michael, Sr.

Author Location: Missouri

Date: July 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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