Why more & more churches commit to racism-linked reparations

Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico



WHY MORE & MORE CHURCHES COMMIT TO RACISM-LINKED REPARATIONS & THE SO-CALLED NEGRO, BLACK, COLORED & AFRICAN AMERICAN OR WHATEVER IT IS THAT THEY ["SOCIETY"] CARE TO KEEP FALSESLY IDENTIFY "US" BY, NEVER EVEN QUESTION ALL THESE TITLES GIVEN TO "US" AS A TRUE NATION OF PEOPLE? By: Sheikh Fredrico Lowe Bey, G.S. Those of us who are in prison have been convicted. Everyone else is still on trial. We as a true nation of people given all sorts of names to be identified by after being forced to come to this land & serve those who mean us no damn good! They gave us names & then defined them to be contrary to theirs. They gave us a "God" to worship along with their churches to serve someone or something that they don't even understand either! It somehow seems as if they're now committed to their racism-linked reparations that they believe they may now say they owe the masses they've identified as Negro, Black, Colored & African American, which neither have a flag of the forefathers they arrived from... nor land to tie themselves as a true nation deserVing of these reparations. Churches are allowed into the prison to teach things they've lied to us about all of our lives. We know prison settings aren't a place to have any bit of consciousness for what they continue doing to the prisoners, whom most prisoners return back to society with hate on their minds, based upon what has happened to them in prisons. However, why now are they willing & ready to commit to racism-linked reparations? Is it because the Episcopal Diocese of Texas acknowledges that its first bishop in 1850 was a slaveholder? These are the ones prison authorities allow into the gates of madness! Is it that the Pope OK'd it for the now so-called African American people to be put into slavery? There's evidence that an Episcopal church erects a plaque noting the building's creation in New York City in 1810 was made possible by the wealth resulting from slavery? [N]evertheless, the Minnesota Council of Churches cites a host of its said injustices, from mid-19th century atrocities against our Native American familyconfronting police killings of Black, Negro, Colored & African American folks, in their launching a first-of-its kind “truth & reparations” initiative engaging its 25 member denominations. [Y]et, prison has taught me that any of those whom have been convicted of a crime isn't allowed to visit those of us still detained, because it'll be very detrimental to our rehabilitation. Knowledge is what I'm learning while I seek understanding in these gates of hell. Surely, these efforts may reflect a widespread surge of interest among many United States religious groups in this are, including the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc., whom have vowed to the United States Government that we are “MOORISH NATIONALS” & not to be identified as those names given to slaves by branding them Negro, Black, Colored or African American, that are entitled to these reparations after proclaiming our "true" Nationality & Divine Creed, that was stripped from those of us as our forfathers & formothers had been subjected to slavery... & must do to be required by this Government to receive any sort of reparations. In particular among long-established Protestant churches that were active in the era of slavery. Many of these churches are weighing how to make amends through financial investments & long-term programs benefiting African Americans. Who says we can't learn anything from being in prison? Some major denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church & the Southern Baptist Convention, whom have also played a very major part in slavery & still to this day, lying to cover-up their dirty doings, have not embraced reparations as an official policy, because they don't believe they've conducted any harm with the lies & deceit they continue to practice. I have found the Episcopal Church has been the most active major denomination thus far & others that includes the United Methodist Church & even Evangelical Luthern Church of America, are urging congregations to step forward. The Church today has some of the highest racial disparities in this country. After all if the Pope of Rome has OK'd for those of "us" claiming to be identification wise,as a "NEGRO, BLACK, COLORED and now, AFRICAN AMERICAN," then it's no more than right society also treat "us" thus! The Pope knew what was being carried out under his command. Christians have not nor will they ever, own up to the wrongs they have done to "us" as a people, [y]et, we have the nerves to claim that we're Christians in faith! This is why lies when told, have been carried out under the very control of those claiming to be your leaders etc., because we're dumb enough to continue believing that we're equal with them. Why not allow the same acts to be repeatedly taken against the ignorant & misled souls who believe they're on the same equal playing field as those that are in direct control of you! I'm learning that the prison settings as I'm seeing it, is as false as it is obvious. St. Louis University “JESUIT HALL" had recently admitted, which these are members of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order for men founded in 1534, that it owned slaves in Missouri, who built the foundation that it functions under today. They are of the most mistaken belief that when they subjected our Family members to Slavery, that they had harmed a thing & not any persons, therefore they feel like they owe us very little & won't turn over any of their ill gotten gains from our blood, sweat or tears today! How can we stand as a nation of people & continue to salute the thought of being mistreated by this type of abuse & complete arrogence? Nobody can ever say prison hasn't taught me nothing! In conclusion, my saying is this, why go to a Church to serve God... when this Devil is playing the role of God themselves? Shame on all of those who believe otherwise & this is why more & more churches commit to racism-linked reparations & call "us" the many identifications they desire to give "us" as a nation of people, because we as a nation of people have continued day & night to allow them to defy you any way they desire, because we just won't open our eyes & correct them! Peaec & Allah's Love & Mercy! Submitted humbly: ByL Sheikh Fredrico Lowe Bey, G.S.

Author: Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico

Author Location: Missouri

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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