With my life and what I put out




By: Mr Prince [redacted] Correctional Facility With my life and what I put out, my purpose is not to hate any one, not women, gays. nor to hate someone because the color of their sing... I an not a gangster, not a criminal. I am a person trying to survive against many contrary destructive forces. Whether substance, disease, addiction, my own negative choices and wrongs, and humans who [foe?] against me, and hate. However, if the black M&M is poison, or any color, kind shape, person or thing is poison I void it, or try to explain to come to positive terms. There is a power struggle, and a force of people in America, who try to divide people. They install hatred, racism, conflict, etc. in the minds and hearts of people. Also its cold, how they oppress people strip them and incite insanity [over?] people. Me I can't force everyone to be insync and love, and lik me. People hated me for myriad of reasons (1) because I am short (2) Don't like my name Prince (3) my nose, my feet too big or too small. If someone don't like my skin color, that their own personal problem. I had black people who criticize my skin shade- complexion. A black man didn't like me and resulted to physical hatred because a girl wanted an autograph copy of my rap record, Total Contro, and Get Up [K O Nice?] see and find @ youtube.com. He broke the record in half. I don't care if you like me or not. What raises concern is when you put your dislike, racism, etc. in to violent actions. I respect that people have there own belief, opinions, ideologies, ideas, etc. Some people [worship?] the devil. You have a goodness of the [moon?]. Some people cast voodoo spells. The criminal system severely abused me, way before 1991 the year of the act I committed out of emotional disturbance. The people of New York, and abroad ignored the injustice inflicted upon me and many others. This slavery and bondage, is ignored, and the constitution is being nullified. They judge me but they can not handle the abuse I went through in my life from my child hood to now as an adult. However, 88% of those of judge me would not be able to stay alive, not get stabbed cut, raped, robbed, or not commit suicide, or hurt or kill, and remain sane. One portion of it is understanding people first prior to judging people in prison or anywhere. Another part is being either a false judge, or bad judge of character. Jail is no place for racism. esp not out loud. Theres alot of inactive hidden racism, either secretively put into acts of some sorts or the police practice racism. The correction's officers, kick you in your face your back, punch slap, break your arms, legs, smash your head in, and expect you to love em, and be like a Monica Lewinski in the white house to Bill. They then set people up with weapons, enhance there prison time, and you act as if that's a simple easy fun act to follow. This is a culture. Also this is worst than a Neo Nazi. You expect me to be forgiving. I am, but I'm not the slow dumb deaf, and blind. You the ones who are unforgiving. I was oppressed deprived, [derogated?], neglected, and kicked while I was down, in the crack cocaine era, in the time of crime, violence, abuses of all kinds, even sex, in the time of HIV and Aids. Then you didn't even consider the hate people do. Black also hate like a Neo Nazi. Like I should give up and stab myself with an infective AID or Hep C needle. It's transferrable hate, cause its past on to another person. It's learned. Its pasted on like racism to a child, just like a language is pasted on. Its not a color thing. Its a human nature thing. People hate is embedded in the way they treat you, how they judge you. They out cast you. eg "K.O. Nice, is wack, he fronting, fake, etc so I am not playing his new song on air. They act like I supposed to have a Stockholm effect by being robbed, set up with a weapon, beat on, manhandled etc. I can get pass what others think about me. But when you have an opinion about me that I am soft, ass, butt, and P_sy, and that your going to rob, extort, and punch me, stab me etc., because I am ugly, not a gangster, drug dealer etc Now your forcing a culture on me. That's slavery. And when I do get pass it all, now the Government kick me in my back and outcase me, like I am a nobody, and have no right, because I am black, too short, ugly etc. That hurts and destroys. The people of the state of New York treat me as if I don't need any money, no children, no wife, love or job etc. Also as if the abuse does not hurt and [an?] impact on my health and life. As if my purpose in life is to be beat up, abused, infested with aids, poor, deprived etc. I know for a proven fact that most men can handle being completely rejected by woman, not having no children and not being loved. Most would commit suicide, homicide, or become a rapist or violent abuser who beats his lady's. And will be on some strict fu_ a bi_ stuff. The court nulified the constitution which allows slavery, and infliction of raising blacks into slaves, which is a trend, and is ignored in New York. Injustice- slavery anywhere is injustice and slavery every where. I am seeking help with my case. Doing nothing is to co-sign the injustice Prince [redacted] You can find my 1987 rap song @ youtube.com find K.D. Nice, Total Control - Get Up.

Author: Prince

Author Location: New York

Date: September 1, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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