With the humblest of mind and heart

Maes, Michael



Dear Readers, With the humblest of mind and heart, I relay this informative plea of facts of occurence. As human obligation requires, I bring to your attention a violation of basic human rights, that me as well as my peers are currently mandated to endure. As of March 2020, we have been put on a 22 hour a day lockdown, stripped of the ability to adequately address our legal obligations, as well as being deprived of proper living conditions with out fresh air or sunlight. With the now approaching year under these cruel and unusual circumstances, I share out of desperation this frantic plea for the assistance of anyone concerned with the constitutional or human rights of this civilized country. With being blessed with spiritual intuition and having conscious perspective of my bodies organisms, I can accurately report to you my facts of understanding. With my now radical living conditions, I ponder daily an intense scare of how and why my relatively healthy heart is rapidly declining. Prior to being incarcerated, I have dedicated the majority of my life to good health, wholesome food diets, regular exercise, including the practice of yoga, hiking, supplementing vitamins, alkalined water, fasting, etc. With having a firm knowing of perfectly good health I now use every form of health knowledge I can obtain to counter my reality of forcibly adapting to the sense of dizzyness and fainting becoming a daily occurrence. With meditative analysis and common sense, I have pinned breathing low level oxygen 24 hours a day and drinking harsh tap water (with no other alternative) for being the main cause of my newly developed heart complications. From my perspective of these seemingly life threatening reasons, I have conducted research of my own that has led me to startling conclusions. for example, the $100 million maximum-security penitentiary in Atwater, California, where I am being stored until death, occupies the former Castle Air Force base, once part of the Cold War era defense system. This penitentiary is built on the burial site of radiological waste buried in shallow trenches and/or sealed(?) pipes, as was the prescribed disposal method of the 1950s and'60s. With the supposed uncertaintly of the U.S. Air Force health experts who claim that there real estate manager only recently learned about the buried nuclear waste a few years ago, but an internal Air Force survey from 1972, reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, indicates that this radioactive dump site was well documented at least three decades ago, with the report entitled, "burial of radioactive waste at Atwater USAF." With further research, I conclude that living here alone elevates the rates of cancer, diabetes, and lateral sclerosis, and with no alternative but to drink the tap water from this barrel site increases the chances from probable to certainty. What this ultimately means is that my human right to be healthy or live to a natural expectancy has been completely abolished. (Facts) This country was built of morals as well as principles that all men no matter creed or ‘color are and will be protected under the U.S. Constitution provided in the amendments and articles. No matter what has befallen a citizen of this country, he or she is entitled to due process, and the right not to be subject to cruel and unusual punishment. This country has invaded other countries to protect their rights under its laws, and yet have overlooked its very own transgressions. With urgent legal obligations to overturn a wrongful conviction and death sentence, I have by no means been given a fair chance to due process under the Coronavirus mandates, and therefore am suffering from a violation of my constitutional rights. (HUMANITARIAN HELP NEEDED)

Author: Maes, Michael

Author Location: No information

Date: 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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