Within every adversit there exists a seed(opportunity) of an equal or greater benefit

Noble, Ricardo



¢v- .. V I n wt .4-J "" 4, *3 V. .3 -. ,...-fix, 5" .. . ~*~‘.-.:. R.H.II, pgflg "WITHIN EVERY BDVERSITY THERE EXISTS A ) OF AN EQUAL OR @EA'l'ER BENEFIT". R.H;U. means Resfirictea Hbusig‘Uhifi(ecmon1y called fine "ho1e"). The RHU is a grison wifihin a priscn. I%'$ fihe wcr$e(kind of conflifiicn). So. an equal pofiential exists E0 develop and bring aboué a baE€er(more pasifiive and pruéuctive) benefifi. ccndittam. at regpanse 3150- when pufi in fihe wuraa sifiuafiions you have fie tap inéo ygurself and bring abaufi/oufi fiha besfi in yen fin be able fin grew or even raain sfiable (balanced). In Ebe RHU ifi‘s noé just yau versus fihe "adminisfirafiion." Ifi's you versus [YOU]- Eecause yeu are brcughé faca~£o—face wifih yaurself. During such fiime of confinemenfi the raufiine thinking habifis fihafi yen develop daily will ggally finréjg ar,§a11y_§$a1 3;. The way you think is réflecéed in Eh way you behave. And your behavior pafitern will design yeur presant and fufiure. In the RED life is infianse. Especially: in the - beginning WEEKS or mnnfiha. As time gasses your mind begins to hecum claudafi with mixed emofiianap angar, fear. guilfi, hafia, paranoia; hcpeaesness. loneliness and other frusfiraticns. some who fail fio produméively channel fihefir frusfirafiicns fienfi £0 éake vb it out on fihose cleaest fie fihem(main1y afiher §ri$anars) or even fihemselves because tbay can*fi lash cufi on fihe snes(Admin1sfirafiicn) wfio can affect dhanga of the physical aspects of their harsh ccnditian. Tb éo ac éemgerarily feels gmofi bufi &oesn'fi really bring ahcfi a pcsifiive change because fihe ones who can effecé change(apper level Aflmiuistrahion) meta no? affecfied~ and one's siéuaticn fiecmes even more cleuéy. But with dfisciplina anfi pracfiice you can bring clarifiy fie your life and sfirengthen yourself from within. Exaxciae and focusafi reading helps fight off laziness and amefiicnal braakdawn. setifiing goals for {she ‘near and disfiané 13 “me 381711 applieaz when housed in RED. IE gies you scmeéhlng fin work tnward and look fmxwazd fie. ffius keeping hope alive anfi your spirit sfirnug. Thiuk.0£ posifiiva affizmafiions fin €hink(or speak) E0 yarself or fccue an desired goals and happy éimes whan your minfi sfiarfis to wanéer or ériftlinfio thnghfis of miaery. anger. frustrafiion and atha: fihanfihfis §h3§ ma? interfere wifih ifiaas of whafi you dmaira. in fihe physical REE only ywur mavemenfi is restricked. nmfi your €hinkiwg.“w It's infieresting fihafi fihe same manéal conditioning 16 flakes E0 saay focused in - fihe RHU is fie same needed éo grow and be proéucfiive in socififiy. Same principles. just differenfi place. See people in society are nofi in physical pr£sons, bufi are living in a self-imposed R.H;U. .gNIT means one considered £0 consfiiéufia parfi of a whole. In society each person conséifiufies parfi of fihe who1e(scciefiy/bamunifiy). EDUSIN means ona's auvironment/poiéion in life. To be limtéed in one's thinking at expectatios is to be.§gstr1cfied. And if cne's Ehinking or expacfiafiins are limited. so will ane*s movement be or where one positions(or houses) fihemselves. some people spenfi most of fiheir iivew wifihaut ever leaving fiheir naighbarhocd. cifiy. er state or are stuck in "éead end“ jabs that fihey are nc% saéisfieé with, but rafuae to break fine limiied thinking pattern that bars them frcm empnding and fulfillig their life. Alsc. in fiha RHU see bzeakdawu and firy to sleep fiheir time away or resort to medication in hope of expericing a fiemperary escape. Very much like in sociefiy when one resorfis to aicnhal ax drugs. But.when eacfi mne.awakens(s@bers) £hey're in fihe same sifiuation, scmtimes verse fihan fha ene fihey firied fa iaave or fbrgafi abuufi. In essace. our life is whafi we mama it; ragaréléss 35 where we ara gr whafi conéiticn we're in. Change begins wifihin and branches aufiwara. And in eréar E0 Pfcfluctively change ene's cuter cofiifiian cue must sfireugfihen and dbange eheir inner (2) condl’Eim(€h1nkIng paéfiem) - W M 7 T you are ‘in a pbysiml mm or a peimonal mm in socieéy. your mind does have to be confined 60 the c‘fes‘l";rucE1va or nil norm of your inmediaée en{-iromnenti. There is always {She opéion to prepare a stétxafiion for yourself by Thinking oufiaide The Bouzmorm). % PEACE! R. Nob1e('1*mm) Rzcamae /kiofaie “Bx $351 3‘: Cs.:¢v C?(’€€nQ. I75 ?ro3ve5_s ’C>o'«Vx2. “''‘‘‘‘l W5 '0“ “:3; PA /5 :37 (:3

Author: Noble, Ricardo

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: February 14, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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