Working & dying conditions in TX Dept. of Corrections

Bryant, Roy S.



Roy Shiloh Bryant; Eastham; 2665-prison rd.#1; Lovelady,Tx. 75851 WORKING & DYING CONDITIONS IN TX. DEPT.... OF CORRECTIONS Working in Tx. department of corrections has always been slave labor. If one recall, Tx. was the last state to free their slaves about three years after slavery bad officially ended. So, that show you their mentality. As we "worked" one day, in the fields, clearing land as always, we kept an eye out for an opportunity to earn a few crumbs. We would search the earth for snakes; which we would kill and scape and "sale" the skin to a prison guard. We would also, seriously look for gold nuggets, thinking some outlaw might have dropped a nugget or two in a hurry exiting a gold hiest.... Ae we worked this day, cutting scrub and flat weeding grass we came to a sink in the earth ,we all paused for a snake but, there was no sight nor sound of we cut the grass, we begin to strike something so, we chopped and dug harder and faster. A treasure start to show. One guy said, “eureka!" we all laughed. Another prisoner looked closer and said, "dam, these are bones", We dug faster sand sure enough, there was skeletons. As we begin to pull the bones from the earth an officer rode up on his horse, to see that which we had discovered. He instantly got angery (as if he knew something, that we did not) he yelled and cursed for us to cover that back up and keep our mouth shut. Of course we questioned him; and he lied saying, those were the bodies of slaves (that was a lie) and he said, "all prisons in Tx, are built on ex-Plantation property" (we believe that). I noticed He was truly trying to convince us/instill in our mind that these bodies were slaves. When he felt he had made his case, he ordered us to cover the grave good and forget what we had seen. We agreed but, I knew better—howso? The "dead slaves" had on their boney feet, Tx. department fo corrections BOOTS. We had stumbled on a mass grave of Tx. prisoners, buried on Tx.department of corrections property. Logical deduction: these prisoners had been used/misused for an important project to an administrator; and they weren't trusted to keep their mouth shut; and what they had did/witnessed could land the administrator in prison with his crime partners, Thus ,the administrator and his crime partners killed these convicts. One thing about slavery, the master never supplied his slaves with BOOTS as durable as those supplied to us by Tx. department of corrections…these BOOTS were corrugated but they will never dissolve...they were, after many years, yet recognizable as Tx. department of corrections BOOTS. The officer would never expect a “dumb old convict” to recognize an 1860 slave from a Tx. murdered convict(s). Suddenly, things begun to make sense--why most that run this system first name was,"Doctor2 or "Bishop" of "Reverend"...these hypocrites could easily CON a prison'ers family after they had killed him giving them a call, claiming their love one had escpaed and if he show up, to call them and turn him in because they didn't want the police to catch them and kill them; and as a reward to the family they assured them that they would give their love one some "linenency"...Tx. black folkes are some of the most dense of people in america perhaps due to those extra years in slavery, long after slavery had ended, whatever, one thing for sure, right today, you have mothers and fathers waiting for their son to come home, so they can turn him in to the cops; not knowing their love one is dead and buried on Tx. dept., of corrections property and was thus buried when the "doctor" or "Bishop" or "Reverend" gave them that phoney phone call. It's common practice to silence one when they can't use you anymore or when you are about to leave from under their influence. Case in point, my associate: Pink. He worked for warden V for years and help him eliminate and bury prisons. And all this was fine with the warden. It appeared that he loved Pink like a son. Then one day Pink got some news from some legal people; and Pink was about to go home within weeks. We that knew about Pink's dirty work begin to specualte and discuss whether or not the warden would allow Pink to go home ALIVE knowing all Pink know...enough to send the warden to deathrow. The week came for Pink to go home--he had had a sentence that was equivalent to a life sentence;and I'm sure that's what attrated the warden to Pink---thinking Pink would be under his influence forever but, something had happened to change his sentence,what(?) I do not know. On this monday morning I and several other convicts were in C-wing dayroom, as I looked from the dayroom into the hall way. I saw the warden and captain O wispering in the hallway. The warden look extremely concerned and it appear that the captain was trying to be reassuring. The warden rubbed his chin and walked away. I turned to Duck and his associate and said, "they going to kill Pink". They guys tried to joke it off. I went back watching the hallway. The captain and a white inmate met in the hallway. I recognized him as an aryan brotherhood member. I said, basically to myself, "yeah, they gon' kill Pink". As I watched the hallway, the captain and the racist inmate walked by; and something were exchanged. Whatever it was, the inmate concelaed it and stuck it in his waistban then closed his coat. Captain turned and went opposite of the inmate. The inmate went toward C-3, I believe that was the wing...the wing which Pink lived or worked on(?) Within days of being free Pink was slaughtered! Everybody played their roll...the warden, the captain, and the medical department...they all rushed to the scene...looking concerned. Pink was dead! They claim: "dead on arrival" but, they way I see it, he was dead before being placed on the gurney. The warden over reacted, Pink love for the warden would never allow him to betray the warden. The warden had killed, a man that truly love/loved him. Black folks in Tx. are loyal like that, to anyone that look like a slave master. They'll die for the same; and in an ironic way, that's just what Pink did.

Author: Bryant, Roy S.

Author Location: Texas

Date: October 2, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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