World largest wall prison

Favors, Gene T.



Dt: 8-22-19 To: The American Prison Writing Archive Fr: Gene T. Favors Sub: Essay Chapter One World Largest Wall Prison It go(s) past the power of my words to express to my readers of being locked up in the World Largest Wall Prison. In 1979 When I first got to Jackson State Prison in Jackson Michigan I was place in a quarantine holding cell with about 25 or more prisoners. While setting in the holding cell awaiting to be quarantine my only thoughts was Fears and Survival. I could picture being sleep and being Rushed by Two (2) Bald Headed, Muscle Build Prisoners while laying on my Stomach Helpless. I thought about becoming some prisoner Boy (Sissy) with Red Kool Aid on my lips(s) and Face with a Tank Top made from a Old Red Tee Shirt and a Pair of Red Sweat Shorts Cut into Daisy Dukes. I picture myself Washing Stained Boxers and Ironing as well as being Rented Out of Cleaning Cells and Turning Tricks for a Pimp Cigarettes, Little Debbies and Snack Foods. I thought about what would my Family and Friends think, knowing I got Turned Out in Prison and coming home with my Eyebrows Cut Off and asking for Designer Panty Hoses. I thought about being Turn Out by the Predators Tricks of placing Candy Bars and Packs of Smokes on my Bed and them coming late at Night to Collect to take my Virginity using a Jar of Vaseline to Grease me up. I thought about Dropping my Soap in the Shower and Bending Over to Pick it up. I thought about many of the Tricks of the Veteran Predators had for New Prisoners they called Fresh Fish (PUSSY). I came out of thoughts by being called into a Small area and told to Strip and to place all my street clothing into a box to be mailed Home or destroyed, except legal documents. I was told to step into a small shower by the Quarantine entry door by the holding cell. I was gave a Bar of Lye Soap and a Old Wrinkle Up looking prisoner who look like who did it and what for. He was Dressed in Street Clothing and while I was standing Butt Naked this Old Man quickly thrown Lice Power in my Face and all over My Nude Body and told me to left up my Genitals (Ball(s)) because he miss that spot. The Lice Power Burned my Eyes and Body and it seem like this Hard Cord Prisoner was getting some kinda Gratification. He kept looking at me Winking and I Winked back. I had to walk Butt Naked to a clothing cage smelling like a Mixer of Bad Breath and Preparation H Cream, and I had to stand there in front of a Fan and answer personal questions and than I was gave clothing and Bed Roll with a Sheet, a Pillow Case, a Tower, a Blanket, and Hygiene items: Tooth Power, Tooth Brush, Razors, Soap and Comb. I was also gave Writing Paper, Pen, 10 Stamped Envelopes, Chippewa Smoking Tobacco and Stick Matches. I was gave an extra Pair of Pants, Shirt, Tee Shirts, Underwear and Socks. Ooop! Inside of my Bed Roll was a Note saying I love you Big Daddy I smile and trashed the Note. After I was processed out of Intake an Escorting Officer told us to follow him and walk inside of a Yellow Brick line and the Officer Pushed a Big Red Button which Open a Large Sliding Door to entering Quarantine (7 Block). It look like a Big Bird Cage with Pigeons and Birds flying all around and the High Nose levels of Shouting and Smell of Smoke, Lice Power and Disinfect was in the Air in 7 Block. I could feel the Tensions of Freakness all around me. I had to stop at the Officers Desk at the end of First Gallery Bunk Head to be checked into a cell and on the way to our cells we were called Bitches and Classified as Fresh Pussy. We were told that we could expect Shower visits and Night cell door Visits after the Lights went out. And prisoners were reaching out of the Bars offering Smokes, and Stamped Envelopes. While in quarantine I talk with my Wife on the yard phone and she gave me some words of encouragement she said to Walk Fast and Watch my Back. And if I am lucky she'll see me in 6 Years. I thought about my Wife being 6 Ft. 4" trying to teach me Karate and how she would Jump Up and Kick over the Couch hit the wall without Any Panties On. Again no words can express the creativity of prisoners being in quarantine cells for 23 Hours a day. But one thing for sure I became the Mice Man of Jackson Prison. I learn that mice is intelligent and my Pet Mice Jerry would make Door Calls every night after the guard made his last night round on the Cat Walk. I always wonder what happen to Jerry Foot. I kinda enjoyed Jerry entertaining me. Jerry would Jump Up and Down on the Window Ledges and Run on the Pipes. But Jerry would stay Outside of my cell on the Cat Walk. I guess Jerry had a Bad experience to Cell Door Calling and trusting prisoners. I would place Goodies outside of my Cell leading to the inside of my cell. But Jerry would not come inside my cell. Jerry and I were Family for 90 Nights. But for 3 Nights Jerry was absent and I thought the Cats had kill him or a prisoner had Capture him. Because Jerry knew that Saturday Nights I always had his Favorite Snack Foods prepare the way he like it, Peanut Butter on Sausage with Butter and a Pinch of Sugar. Well to come to find out Jerry had been going to Night G.E.D. Class Rooms, hanging out with a Slut. The Three Nights Jerry No Show 1 was Move to another Cell on Third Gallery and Jerry found me. I always Believe that Jerry was my Cousin Reincarnated. Respectfully Submitted Gene T. Favors [ID]

Author: Favors, Gene T.

Author Location: Michigan

Date: August 22, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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