Worthy tears

Yearling, De'jon Armani



Worthy Tears I have not given up. As time goes by It seems others haven’t too. Letter by letter Book by book Sending money to my account, I shed a tear. I thought I was forgotten. I read the letters I love the books It’s money well spent. I expect more and I’m given less I can’t say I’m not blessed People give me their best. [ struggle with being grateful I struggle with patience I struggle with love. I’m stuck in a hard place But I keep saying I’m tough. I fight my tears When I should let them flow. Are they worthy? I guess we will never know. Being tough does not mean holding things in. True strength is knowledge and letting things flow Be strong and let your tears go I’m closed in with so much fear I lied to myself, my worthy tears. De'jon Yearling DY

Author: Yearling, De'jon Armani

Author Location: Kansas

Date: 2023

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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