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Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



APWA Editors, 198 College Hill, Rd. linton, N.Y. 13323 Date: 6/30/15 Writing On Prisons Out of three hundred and sixty five days of each year I spend most of my time trying to deliver a rational solution to the many dysfunctions of not only prison life, but life in society as well. I have been blessed to be able to be in communication with some of the most intelligent social media outlets and social justice advocates in the nation. Although sometimes I don't produce exactly what they want, it is not by choice. It is because of my conditions of confinement. I just got two letters in the mail that was so troubling that it led me to write this article, essay, or whatever title one may want to classify it as. One letter was from a individual that wrote a president of a international prisoner rehabilitation program. This individual recommended that I use the prison channels, file a grievance, file charges, and write the ACLU. He even suggested that I confide in a captain or a warden. He told the person who related this information to tell me to "man up and do it!" The other letter was from one of my social media editors warning me that their concerns were in describing prison conditions. Before that letter, I got a letter from my political cartoon publisher in whom I ask to contact the states top reporter that investigates prisons. She wrote me and told me that she told him that I was an "accurate informant". Hello. Should I feel some kind of way for being dismissed as a "prison intelligence correspondent" or "prisoner writer or journalist." I have always been raised to not be passive or ungrateful. Everyone is campaigning for prisoner writings to help shed light on one of the most cruelist dysfunctional processes known to man. Everyone watns tot dictate advocate, but no one wants to report to the USDOJ Etc., that my prison correspondent is being attacked for reporting prison conditions. I have been physically attack, placed on longterm lock up where guards tampered with my food, I have had glass fragments put in my lotion that irritate my skin as it tries to push its way out of my skin. I've watch prison guards control gang members to do their dirty work that goes as fair as murder. I've seen guards murder prisoners. I've seen prisoners complain about health issues and the guards ignore them and they die. Very few of these guards are brought to justice. Most of them get promotions. I have contacted the Courts, ACLU. Prison Legal Services, U.S. Dept. Of Justice F.B.I, S.B.I, N.C. Industrial Commission, U.S Marshall Services, Solicitor General, the Chair of the Legislative services, Solicitor General, the Chair of the Legislative Oversight Committee for Justice and Public Safety, U.S. Attorney, Ex-F.B.I Frank L Perry who is now secretary of prisons. I can name more. To make a long story short. Each one of these individuals don't give a fuck. All they care about is a paycheck, decieving the public and falsely representing their position of authority. The U.S. 4th Circuit made things very, very clear to me. Please read the following. Next time someone wants to complain about what I write or draw think about my conditions of confinement. Then try contacting the list of agencies I provided. AS constituents, and media outlets you have a right to probe into this matter. In 2013 U.S 4th Circuit Court dismissed my law suit. Worley V. Keller on the of "no reversible error" for another lawsuit (2006). They were looking at an old lawsuit, not the one that was currently file. After I corrected them they still lived up to their error. When I filed an appeal to the U.S. supreme court my appeal never made it. The next time someone has a complaint about what I write. Just remember corrupt prison personnel may be reading it. Or my safety may be at risk. Be thankful that their are the few people that do what I do.

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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